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Gay New York

Ongoing film screening series
Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St). Film sreenings: Essential Cinema; Premieres/Revivals; Retrospectives; Special Screenings; AFA Preservations; New Filmmakers; Festivals. See their website for program calendar.
The Museum of Sex
Sex Lives of Animals

Ongoing film considers the tremendous complexity of animal sexual behavior - far more than a biological drive to reproduce. Animals engage in all conceivable sexual partnerships and sex acts, foreplay to post-coital cuddling: kissing, hugging, self and mutual stimulation, oral sex and every kind of penetrative intercourse imaginable, as multifarious and nuanced as in the human realm.
Luce Center for American Art, 5th Floor
American Identities: A New Look

Ongoing. Objects from the collection of American art: fine & decorative arts (silver, furniture, ceramics, textiles) from colonial period to present + Native American & Spanish colonial art. Includes works by Thomas Eakins & Georgia O'Keeffe.
La mejor noche Mexicana Gay en NYC!
Lunes Picantes

Every Monday, 5pm-4am at Club Evolution, 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights. Why Go South Of The Border? So Many Men…So Little Time…So Close To Home! Hot staff In plaid shirts, faded blue jeans + sombreros. After 1am the shirts come off! RIDEM COWBOY! Great Mexican Show by Laura Martinez + special guests! The Premiere Latin Night Club. $7 cover.
Hot Body Contest by Honey Davenport
Gay College Tuesdays

Tuesdays 10pm-4am at Ritz Bar & Lounge, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan - NYC'S Largest Gay College Dance Party - 21+ with HOT BODY/ UNDERWEAR CONTEST, and Pop Dance Music by Steve Sidewalk + Mikey Mó.
Macho Monday

Every Monday 10pm-4am at Nowhere Bar, 322 E 14th St. DJ Ryko and NYC's hottest go go boys - DOZENS OF HOT DANCERS - bring you the original Mondaynight party in the East Village. Lap dance lounge. Darkrooms, frisky boys, and cheap drinks. $5 before 1am, $10 after.
A playful and saucy extravaganza
Boys' Night | An All-Male Cirquelesque Revue!

First Thursdays each month, doors 8:30pm, show 10pm at The Slipper Room. Sensual, hilarious, fun-filled night of theatrical/ burlesque/circus revelry with Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Mr. Gorgeous, Jason Mejias, Eve Starr, and a rotating cast of guest entertainers. Exciting aerial and ground acrobatics, performed with signature wink and a smile of “the Boys.”
You are a Handsome Man! An All Male Erotic Underwear Party
Handsome NYC

Wednesdays, 7pm-1am at Paddles NYC, 250 W 26th St. Upscale clientele, creative types and professional men with a sense of humor. The party for the sexy "guy next door" with a dirty mind. All-male party, Mindbending videos. Random performances. Alternative music. FREE STD testing + Health Services available to all. Also every Sundays in Astoria, Queens.
At Stonewall - Where Pride Began

Fridays, 10pm-4am at Stonewall, 53 Christopher St, West Village. New York's biggest Friday night Girl Dance Party. Drink specials, sexxxy go-go dancers, no cover, each week a different theme, with alternating DJs.
LLC’s Drama Geeks present
GGNY: Geek Trivia

Monthly event/ ongoing social gathering for all LGBTQ geeks + allies. A place to make friends and discuss your favorite geek genres (comics, video games, anime, fantasy, horror, role-playing games, science fiction.) Each gathering centers around four-round Geek Trivia, covering all genres, with prize bag to the winning team -two trivia rounds +15-min mingling, then the final two rounds.
A Gay Middle Eastern Party
Habibi NYC

Every other month or so, 10:30pm-4am, at Monster Bar. Middle-Eastern party, Arabic music by DJ IZ, male belly dancer, sexy gogos, socializing, outdoor terrace; premier party/social event for gay Arab men and friends in the New York City area. Habibi
Campy revue Off Broadway
Naked Boys Singing!

Ongoing through November 17, 2018 at The Kirk Theatre, 410 W 42nd St. Six guys take it all off for song-fest. Caution - and costumes - are thrown to the wind in this all-new musical revue featuring an original score and a handful of hunks displaying their special charms as they celebrate the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance. Conceived and Directed by Robert Schrock.
The Genderqueer Performance Art of Stephen Varble
RUBBISH AND DREAMS - Telling the story from private archives

Ongoing through January 6, 2019. Performance artist, iconic in 1970s NYC for his disruptive interventions at galleries, public spaces, and financial institutions; unauthorized/ impromptu performance wearing elaborate drag costumes of street trash, food waste, and stolen objects. Decidedly anti-institutional, disrupting the business of art, he was soon written out of history.
Hidden operations of power; symbiotic suspicion between government & citizens
Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy - seventy works by thirty artists

Ongoing through January 6, 2019. Fifty years exploring that which haunts Western democracies - the simultaneous development of two kinds of art about conspiracy: hewing strictly to the public record, uncovering hidden webs of deceit; and fever dreams of the disaffected - fantastical works that nevertheless uncover uncomfortable truths in age of information overload/ weakened trust.
Defying Victorianism - New York women have a history of pushing the envelope
Rebel Women

Ongoing through January 6, 2019. Was the Victorian era a period of constraints on women’s lives? Middle-class ideas about femininity defined women by their roles as guardians of virtue, relegating them to the private, domestic sphere. But 19th-century NYC was full of women of different classes, races, and ideologies who defied those expectations and challenged social expectations.
The history of queer sex work culture, and it’s intimate ties to art & activism
ON OUR BACKS: The Revolutionary Art of Queer Sex Work

Ongoing through January 19, 2020. Sex work: broadly defined as exchanging sex/ erotic services for gain; connotes personal agency and politicized action. More than a portrait of life at the margins, a demonstration of queer/ transgender community building, creative organizing, self-empowerment, identity/desire affirmation/ healing, using pornography as a deft tool for liberation.
Performance artist who became iconic in 1970s New York | Curated by David Getsey
GUTTER ART: Stephen Varble’s Street Art and 1970s New York

Ongoing through January 27, 2019. Disruptive interventions in galleries, public spaces, and financial institutions; unauthorized/ impromptu performance in elaborate drag costumes of street trash, food waste, stolen objects. Decidedly anti-institutional, Varble disrupted the business of art, and was soon written out of history. From private archives, his story for the first time.
A photographer active in 1970s radical lesbian organizing in NY + CA
Donna Gottschalk Exhibition: Brave, Beautiful Outlaws

Ongoing through March 17, 2019. Gottschalk came out as a lesbian right at the formation of the east coast radical lesbians and Furies collectives where she met artists Joan E Biren, Flavia Rando, and others. She then moved to California to join lesbian-separatist communities, all the time photographing herself, friends, lovers, activists, and Alfie, who became a woman named Myla.
fierce pussy is a New York City-based queer art collective founded in 1991
fierce pussy AND SO ARE YOU, 1991-2018

Through June 2019. Emerging from ACT-UP, the collective responded to the urgency of the time by using any/ all available resources - old typewriters, personal baby pictures, found photographs, and using the photocopying equipment at their day jobs - using public space to create lesbian visibility with posters, t-shirts, and by renaming streets throughout the city, among other projects.
An eco-utopic queer habitat - queerness as conduit for community building
ALEX SCHMIDT: Group Fail Pony Play

October 3-28, 2018. Referencing divergent sites: equine-assisted therapy, playgrounds, bathhouses, and sex parties w/ ceramics, quilting, rug tufting, performance video, and live programming. Multimedia ameliorative refuge/ self-reflexive parody of queer utopic daydreams: sculptural practices, improvisational comedy, shameless amateurism; liminal space nurturing laughter and self-care.
Celebrating 12 seasons, the Upper West Side's biggest & best competition
So You Think You Can Belt

October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2018. Every Wednesday 8-11pm. Singers compete live head-to-head to win cash and debut their own show. Come share your voice and give your vote for the winner alongside an award winning panel of esteemed judges and celebrities! Luke Williams on piano. $5 before 8pm, $8 after. Cash only 2 drink minimum. Produced by Peter Dunn. Created by John Forslund.
Created and produced by Ben Franklin, Jason Mejias, Joshua Dean and Mr Gorgeous
Boys' Night: An All-Male Cirquelesque Revue!

October 4, 2018, 10pm-12am, The Slipper Room. Brand new show, brand new man meat for you! 4 years of playful + saucy extravaganzas showcasing circus and burlesque arts. NEW SHOW EVERY MONTH. Diverse aerial and ground performances with a wink, a smile and lots of creativity. A slightly naughty evening out with some of the best/ brightest talents in NYC.
A decade of presenting independent films in Bushwick!
Bushwick Film Festival

October 10-14, 2018. Feature Films, Narratives, Shorts, Panels, Events/ Parties. One of Brooklyn’s most influential cinematic events contributes to the borough’s artistic, cultural, and economic growth, attracting national/ international film/ entertainment industry leaders; showcasing films by the best/ most diverse emerging independent filmmakers in Brooklyn + worldwide.
ouse of Yes, Steven Klavier & Eric Schmalenberger Presents
Bad Behavior: Gay Tricks and Treats

October 10, 2018, 10pm-4am. Calling all queers, queens, dykes, dandies, kittens, rad fae, nancy boys, soft butches, hard femmes, gay goddesses - all you wonderful queer humans to an endless dance floor. Fire up the filth, turn up the trash; bring us your most glamorous garbage - we want it ALL at Brooklyn's chiquest queer party. The future is tasteless. Time for some Bad Behavior.
DIRTY THURSDAY: Booty & The Bass w/ DJs Dirtyfinger & Illexxandra

October 11, 2018, 10pm-4am. Mixed/ themed to throwback perfection; old school hits, regrettable fashion choices, fads that have come, gone, come back harder. Boy bands. Girl groups. Fishnets + fierceness. Grunge flannel fabulousness. Doc Martins forever. Embrace your filth, shake it off, sweat yourself clean, get dirty all over again. Flirt till it hurts. Drink water, drink everything.
Hosted by Studio50 H and House of YES
The Roller Wave: Roller Disco

October 12, 2018, 6-10pm. Glide, ride, fly, get high! Studio50 H brings his Roller Wave skate party to the legendary House of Yes for an evening of roll bouncing, boozing, and boogying. Get your workout and your happy hour on at the same time. Sounds: SoundWavve + Studio50H. Suggested dress code: Disco or Retro Roller Rink looks. Presale admission $10; w/ skate rental $20.
An exhibition to accompany the 2018 NY QUEER ZINE FAIR
Queer Zines / Queer Art Opening Reception - An exhibition in three parts

October 12, 2018, 6-9pm. HISTORY OF QUEER ZINES: The Queer Zine Archive Project's timeline of queer zines. Selected works from NYQZF participants Aaron Krach, Anthony Cahudy, Anthony Malone, Chris Moody, Ian Lewandowski, JB Brager, Justin Corriveau, Keiff Jones, Love Case, JP Anne Giera, Sam Rosenthal, Stephen McDowell, Steven Harwick, Voxigma Lo and Will Yunshu Chen. KNOWSGAY No7.
Gender-Free Contra Dancing
Village Contra

October 12, 2018, 6:30-9:45pm, LGBT Center. With Carl Levine, Chimney Swift, Cecile Leroy, Daniel Raine, Zoe Madonna, and Yaron Shragai. Traditional American folk dancing/ gender role-free. All sexual orientations, ages, dance experiences. No partner necessary - dance with all. Beginners 6:30-7pm. Next: Nov 9th w/ Emily Abel & DJ Beat and Tea - TECHNO CONTRA w/ Jakob Raitzyk!
NY International Fringe Festival
Fringe NYC

October 12-28, 2018. Largest annual multi-arts festival in N America; music, comedy, drama, dance, vaudeville + more, from around the world. Over 1100 performances, 200 shows/ 16 days. Sixteen venues have included: The Players Theatre, 115 MacDougal St; stages at the Clemente, 107 Suffolk St. Oct 1-31 FringeBYOV in outer boroughs. See:
What some boys won’t do for a mother’s love!

October 12, 2018, 7:30pm. Sweden 1889. Young Per Nilsson collaborated with his domineering mother in the gruesome murder of his wife. His mother was found guilty of murder and beheaded. He was declared insane and held at the Stockholm Konradsberg Lunatic Asylum. Ghosts torment him each night in his cell, but he tries to convince the psychiatric staff he is sane, and should be released.
DJ George Faya and yoga instructor lead you through
DeepBeats: Deep House Yoga

October 13 + 21, 2018, noon-1pm. A union not just of the spiritual and physical, but a fusion of the ancient discipline of yoga with the sounds of today’s underground dance music. An hour of DeepBeats’ Vinyasa Flow accompanied by your personal soundtrack of atmospheric deep house grooves. DJ George Faya. Free refreshments courtesy of Revive Kombucha. Bring your own mat. 18+
slideshow illustrating the 45 years of S.T.H. followed by a panel discussion
Straight To Hell

October 13, 2018, 5-6pm. Boyd McDonald virtually invented queer zine culture in 1973 with STH, a circle jerk of reader-written true tales of real sexual adventures. Unacknowledged corners where repression is not lifted, but exploded: every barracks shower an orgy room; every Boy Scout jamboree a festival of sexual initiation; every conservative politician and clergyman paying hustlers...
Eric Schmalenberger's delectable evening of madness & variety
Blunderland Variety Show - A slippery slope of surrealism

October 13, 2018, 6:30-10pm. Whimsical, surreal, psychedelic. HOT/ ready/ something for everyone. NYC burlesque, circus, cabaret, queer trip down a rabbit hole of scintillating surprises, Hand picked, juicy, super fresh! Not for the meek! Come prepared for anything! Celebrate High Camp. W/ Deity, Jason Mejias, Cheeky Lane, LORD OF BEEF, Ambrose Martos, Lina Liu, Punchboy, Makita Spins.
Hosted by Gay Geeks of New York
GGNY Gayme Day

October 14, 2018, 1-6pm. Day of board games at House of Brews! We will have games on hand but you are encouraged to bring your own too. Enjoy gay geeks, games, brunch food and drinks for LGBTQIA and friends. Admission $6. Full drink and food menu will available from our host bar & kitchen.
Only killers, virgins and victims allowed in the room. No one leaves alive
Little Cinema No 40: Secret Halloween Special (Immersive)

October 16, 19, 20, 2018, 6:30pm. Halloween edition twist on black comedy horror. Immersive secret films. DJ Chnnls AV cinematic show. Aerial + Circus. Live music by Nathan Oglesby. 3D video mapping and animation by Josh Slaby. The Love Show NYC Dancers. Horror Trivia. Activations: Fritz Donnelly. Dress: Spooky, scary, blood-curdling, bone-chilling, blood and guts, with bones poking out.
Party with the kool kids! A free night with your host Madame Vivien V!
Hot Mess: Drag Competition

October 17, 2018, 10pm-4am. Drag queens, kings, queerdos, weirdos for EVERYONE! Feel the fantasy, your mind sparkle as every kind of performer in the drag universe does whatever it takes to shock and amaze. Club queens, daddy kings, gender-free strippers, art monsters let it all out on stage to screams and applause. Performer with loudest audience reaction wins Mx Hot Mess title + $100.
Cabaret burlesque, live music, vaudeville, aerials, visual art, magic, mysticism
The Poetry Brothel: Season of the Witch

October 18, 2018, 7-10pm. Unique, immersive poetry event takes poetry from classrooms and lecture halls to lush interiors of a bordello. Madame presents a cast of poets, each a carefully crafted character, who imparts their work in public readings/spontaneous poetic eruptions. For a small fee all poets are available for sequestered readings on beds and chaise lounges in private rooms.
Worship the night in divine deviousness and honor the shadows of the soul
Night Cult with Dimond Saints

October 19, 2018, 10pm-4am. Let the Night Cult awaken your spirit to deliver you from shackles of the daylife. Light candles, burn the fires, haunt the dancefloor, partake in the ritual of the night with a loved one or dark stranger. Glitter Witch, Dark Goddess, Sorcerer, Seductress, Occult Priest/ Priestess, Divine Demon. DJs: Dimond Saints, Jeremy Ismael, NSR, Lauren Flax + David Kiss.
A variety show dedicated to the raw & the raunchy
Dirty Circus: Variety Show

October 24 + 31, 2018, 7-10pm. Aerial. Circus. Absurdity. Skill. Hilarity. Brilliance. Finest, fittest, most ferocious performers, curated to perfection, on stage, showcasing the best talent in the entire city, for you at a fraction of the cost. Featuring: A-MA-ZING performers, hosted by the one and only Kae Burke! In 3 acts, not for the faint of heart.
With Outfest Los Angeles and the Film Society of Lincoln Center
Newfest 2018 | New York LGBT Film Festival

October 24-30, 2018, at Cinépolis Chelsea and other venues. Among world's most important annual LGBT film fests. Narrative features, documentaries, shorts, special events. For 6 full days, over 70 of the the best LGBT films from the USA and abroad, as well as parties and events that bring filmmakers and film lovers together for their most celebrated event of the year.
You’re born, you’re young, you get old, you die. Let’s Dance
YouthandDeath by Chris Bell

October 25-27, 2018. Bell’s evening-length dance-theater work deals with holding onto youth in fear of what is next. A narrator (Chris Bell), with the help of four allegorical characters (Beauty, Death, Youth, the In-Between) navigate a stream-of-consciousness structure inspired by the Seven Stages of Grief, Bell’s own memories, and observations of humans dealing with life.
Dust Tea Shoulders-Director/Dramaturg
Campfire Queer Storytime

October 25, 2018, 7:30pm. Style Icon and Self Proclaimed Downtown Darling Dust Tea Shoulders hosts CAMPFIRE! Queer Storytime. He and his meticulously curated guests tell tales of hilarity, heartbreak, and hot times of heavy breathing. Free admission.
Step right up, enter the darker side of the cirque, beyond the glowing lights
Cirque Nouveau: Halloween

October 26, 2018, 10pm-4am. Night of variety, mischief and sensual splendor: freaks and fantasies of every flavor performing acts of outrageous darkness on the dancefloor. Costumes are Mandatory! Dark Circus, Creepy Clowns, Side Show Freaks, Harlequin Harlots! Debauchery, Games of Fate + Chance, Bearded Ladies, Contortionists, Snake Charmers, Aerial Acrobats, Misfortune Tellers....
Get down & dirty with the best of the best, most international NYC crowd
MEAT - DJ CINDEL - Halloween Edition

October 26, 2018, 11:30pm-6am. NYC Underground Party! Push boundaries, test limits. Let go...let it ALL out... take it ALL in! DJ CINDEL returns for our special Halloween edition - the Official Ghostship After-Party. Unleash your deepest, dirtiest desires. Strap on the harness, squeeze into your leather gear; SWEAT in this multi-level playground.
Pantheistic power/ grotesque opulence/ eternal extravagance
City Of Gods Halloween - House of YES and ZERO

October 27, 2018, 9pm-6am. Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn. Burning Man camps: Disco Knights
DISTRIKT, GlamCocks, Mayan Warrior, Pink Mammoth, Tierra Bomba. Deities, demigods, demons, gods and goddesses, creatures of creation; those devoted to hedonism beyond the human realm. Temples/ altars/ shrines/ sanctuaries: play/ pleasure; Pray/ prey upon; Magic incarnate.
Take a trip through your psyche into a world of psychedelic nightmares
House of Hallucinations Halloween

October 27, 2018, 10pm-4am. Weird/ wild visions morph/ distorted visual brilliance within every color of confusion. Illusions, installations, surreal spectacles, ferocious fantasies, cute/ creepy, dangerous/ delirious. Technicolor temptations, acid induced apparitions, paranormal play. Dance! Delve deep into surreality. Nothing is what it seems/ everything is real. COSTUMES MANDATORY!
A vampire comedy for the post #MeToo movement
BLUE BALLS, by Meredith Metcalf

October 27th, 2018, 10pm. Emma, a hesitant virgin, and her friend Mara bring two guys, Tom and Jack, back from a club one night. Little do the ladies know, Tom -Emma’s potential first- is also hesitant about his first time…committing murder. Consent, agency, and sex-positivity are explored in this blood-soaked, hjinks-riddled macabre comedy masterpiece.
Do you dare enter the realm of demons and spirits?
BRÜT Halloween Warehouse Party - Possession

October 27, 2018, 10pm-8am at 99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn. Brüt will plummet you into a world of darkness and evil - a den of debauchery will be your playground. DJs Ralphi Rosario, Peter Napoli and Dan Darlington will bring holy tunes tol release you from the demons that rule this night!
15th Annual Halloween Weekend NYC

October 28, 2018, 11pm-noon at FREQ. NYC Pride - DJs Isaac Escalante + Renato Cecin (Brazil). Lights by Ross Berger. Production Design by Ric Sena. General Admission $100. Costume Contest prizes
The 45th annual costumed canter in the West Village
Village Halloween Parade

October 31, 2018, 7-10:30pm, Avenue of the Americas/ 6th Ave, Spring to 16th. Annual Halloween Parade: 30,000 participants, puppets, bands, dancers, performance artists, outrageous outfits/ headgear, wigs/ wings, 2 million spectators. "…the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event..." Undercover scouts look for best costumes. LGBT antics all over.
A playful and saucy extravaganza
Boys' Night: An All-Male Cirquelesque Revue!

November 1, 2018, 10pm-12am, The Slipper Room. Brand new show, brand new man meat for you! 4 years of playful + saucy extravaganzas showcasing circus and burlesque arts. NEW SHOW EVERY MONTH. Diverse aerial and ground performances with a wink, a smile and lots of creativity. A slightly naughty evening out with some of the best/ brightest talents in NYC. Next: Dec 6th.
Open Stage Variety Show

November 5, 2018, 7:30pm. An uncompromising theatrical experience that includes aerial artists, wire walkers, sword swallowers, Kung Fu juggling, clown bands, trained rats, a Heavy Metal Magician, a cougar contortionist and a cowboy from the Bronx. Hosted by Bindlestiff Cirkus co-founder Keith Nelson. A $12 suggested donation (cash at the door) supports the artists.
What’s your TOLERANCE?

November 6, 2018, 7pm. Performance art drinking game to demonstrate how intolerance influences public opinion about news issues. Using social media to see how desensitized we’ve become to events that should impact us, participants read tweets about US politics, fill a shot glass of beer, cheers and drink. The audience is encouraged to play along in the game.
International party brand started as a small basement party in East London
Daddy Issues NYC #3

November 11, 2018, 10pm-4am. DJs: W.Jeremy, Eric Bloom, Borja Peña play an eclectic mix of house/ disco/ techno electronic dance beats. Shows: West Dakota, Stella Artoit, Candy Sterling, Tokeyo (LA). Zaddys: Ollywood, Hey Rooney, Empty Pools, Forrest Wu, Probottom, Richard Jmv. All inclusive and all about fagging out, so leave your masc for mask behind and dance those issues away.
At the Prince Street Project Space
Darren Ankenbauer: The Moods of Men

November 16-18, 2018, 6pm, 127B Prince St. From his days as publisher and photographer of Handbook, Darren has found his passion for shooting the male portrait. Capturing men in their most natural and relaxed moments is the focus of this exhibition. By exploring the male form clothed as well as nude, the result is an honest and vulnerable capture of each subject.
Hosted by TheMenEvent
Gay Secrets of the Met Museum

November 16, 2018, 6:15-8:30pm. Queer treasures: ancient Greek nudes and erotic vase-painting, Renaissance homoerotic, and a panoply of modern works, by or portraying LGBT people and same-sex desire. Famous artists/ personalities, such as Caravaggio or Gertrude Stein, plus lesser-known artists/ works with homoerotic charge often ignored; New Guinea homosexual initiation rites images.
"Start saving up those singles, boys–you're gonna wanna make it rain!" - Queerty
The 7th Annual New York Boylesque Festival

November 16-17, 2018. THIRSTY GIRL & DANIEL NARDICIO PRESENT: FRI at Club Cumming w/ host Miss Astrid; SAT at The Highline Ballroom hosted by Shelly Watson. "Equal parts striptease, circus act, and comedy routine, the nascent sibling of burlesque is finally turning heads." Details Magazine.
For their final program as the 2018 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow
Queer Trash Presents: God Is My Co-Pilot / Fire-Toolz

November 17, 2018, 8-11pm. Angular and ecstatic evening of raw/ experimental song form, reconstructed noise, and genre promiscuity, striving for high refinement and low restraint. Formed in New York in 1988, GIMCP pioneering queercore before the term existed. Their sound careens through no wave, thrash, free improv, whatever. Legends of the underground; their influence is immeasurable.
3 women tell an oddly uplifting personal tale of incest, murder & private parts
FUKT, by Emma Goldman-Sherman

November 17, 2018, 10pm. A meta-theatrical comic romp about incest, traumatic memory, and the courage to tell the truth! What starts off as a one-woman show gets interrupted by Barbara and Bobbie, who refuse to let Emma control her own narrative, as they each try to tell their dark history and deeply stored secrets. An immersive and fearless journey to bare all, for anyone with a secret.
Mines the collection amassed for over 50 years by Charles and Fritz

February 20 - March 31, 2019. Tells two parallel stories: the recent history of our communities and the tireless advocacy of gay artists by our founders. The show is organized into thematic areas focusing on our founders, design, fashion, the erotic, the impact of AIDS, key moments in recent LGBTQ history, and the development of the largest collection of LGBTQ art in the world.
Catch a glimpse into the future of the rapidly changing world of storytelling
Tribeca Film Festival

Mid April, 2019, 12-day annual screenings at several venues. New films from around the world + Virtual Reality exhibits. 17 years supporting emerging and established voices, discovering award-winning filmmakers, curating innovative and interactive experiences, and introducing new ideas and technology through panels, premieres, exhibitions, and live performances.
The Saint at Large presents
Rites XXXX: The Black Party 2019

Mid April, 2019, SAT 10pm - SUN pm - past year at Depot 52 Warehouse, 7 52nd St, Brooklyn. Annual Spring event - past year’s theme, “PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free.” MUSIC by FATHERHOOD (Batty Bass) NYC, CHRIS CRUSE (SPOTLIGHT) LA, EDDIE ELIAS (VERVE) SD, MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARA (Ostgut Ton) BER, DANNY KRIVIT (718 SESSIONS) NYC. For 2019 updates see:
Timed with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising
Art After Stonewall

April 21 - July 21, 2019. First major exhibition to examine the impact of the LGBTQ movement on the art world: 150+ works of art/ related materials focus on work of Nan Goldin, Holly Hughes, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tim Miller, Catherine Opie, and Andy Warhol; also engagement of Vito Acconci, Diane Arbus, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lynda Benglis and Karen Finley with an emerging queer subculture.
The 11th Annual
Urban Bear NYC Weekend Street Fair

Mid-May, 2019. THU-SUN events typically include Stache Basr/ Beard Mash; The Monster Bear Mania; Rockbar Underbear; YogaBear; Gym Grizzly Guzzler; Bears Ahoy Sunset Cruise; Gym Home Port Afterparty. SUNDAY Fair + Dance Party.
50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising; half-century of LGBTQIA+ liberation
WorldPride NYC

June 1-30, 2019, culminating in the famous NYC Pride Sunday March. 30 Days! 50+ Events - from rallies to parties to lectures - free and ticketed events produced by NYC Pride and official partners spread across New York City. Expect 3 million+ people - New Yorkers and global travelers alike, gathering as friends, partners, and family to create a welcoming LGBTQIA+ experience.
The 27th parade and festival - in Jackson Heights, NY
Queens Pride 2019

Early June, 2019 (TBC), past year 11am-6pm, in Jackson Heights - with noon Parade from 89th Street and Multicultural Festival on 37th Road between 74th and 77th Streets. Queens Pride and Club Evolution stages will provide entertainment throughout the afternoon, from 1:30-6pm. Also vendors, food and informative business, community and social group booths. See updates:
"This is New York F*ing City"
Folsom Street East

June 23, 2019, 11am-6pm annual Sunday NYC leather & fetish street festival at W 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues; with vendors, performers and entertainment. See photos from previous years at their website.
The 11th annual edition

Late June, 2019, at Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM. 12-day festival of the most dynamic and entertaining new films from cinema's brightest up-and-coming talents, plus special repertory screenings, live music, outdoor screenings, filmmaker Q&As, and more. A collection of the most innovative new work from festivals in the US and around the world for New York City audiences.
28th Anniversary - Queer performance & culture
Hot! Festival NYC

July, 2019, Dixon Place. “BEST LGBTQ Theater Festival in New York!” - Village Voice, HOT! 28th annual celebration of Queer Culture! the oldest annual festival of its kind in the world with a fresh line-up of innovative works in theater, music, dance, puppetry, performance art + homoeroticism with 100+ queer artists, 6 nights a week every summer.
New York's Celebration of LGBTQ Arts & Culture
Fresh Fruit Festival

July, 2019 (TBC) at The Wild Project Theatre, 195 E 3rd St. Two weeks, works of theater, dance, film, music and visual art, a celebration of LGBTQ arts & culture in festival of 15 years running. See the most recent schedule and future event details at their website:
Join the Bushwig family for a FESTIVAL OF DRAG, MUSIC & LOVE

Early September, 2019 (TBC), 1pm-2am at Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn. Earth's favorite queer festival w/ 23 hours of non-stop drag performances, live music + DJs from the legendary children of New York and the world! Two stages of drag/ DJs/ live music. 150+ performers. BushSwag vendors. Food vendors. Six bars. Free shuttle bus from the Jefferson L station.