Gay Hartford

26th Annual Memorial Day Weekend OUT Film CT
Out Film CT | CT G&L Film Festival

Year-round first Thursday of each month mix of LGBT films, new and classics, plus popular flicks from recent festivals - 7:30pm screenings at Cinestudio, 300 Summit Street, Trinity College. See online calendar for specific films as announced. Also: May - June, 2014, The 27th Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.
15th annual OutFilm CT
EROS Film Festival

November 13-17, 2013 a student-run offshoot of the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival at Cinestudio at Trinity College in Hartford. Check online for film screening details.
GLBTI awareness, tolerance, acceptance, & equality
Connecticut PRIDE

A statewide organization running fund raisers and events in venues throughout Connecticut. Major events, planned for springtime and in June, with a larger, reinvigorated outdoor festival in September.
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