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Gay Tokyo

BAD BOYS はオトナのクラブパーティーです。
Bad Boys

Periodic. 20+ parties for men only, at Aisotope Lounge with DJs: SUHARA, SHUGO, MASATO, ColoskE, TOMO-YA, KATSUYUKI. No shirts. Ten sexy go-go boys. Discounts for foreign travelers (show passport), for six-pack abs, and those age 20-25. See more Two Cowboys party dates at Twitter.
Arch - AiSOTOPE - ALAMAS - AiiROCafé
Party Night Schedule

See the current and next month calendar of events for men-only, women-only, bears, J-Pop and various theme nights at four of the gayest venues in Tokyo.
Men-only deep house party
Gorilla | Folsom Black

Periodic events at AiSotope Lounge. Men-only night with dark room and men-only leather/fetish/kink hard house parties. Large club, two dance floors. Resident DJs Chris Stutz, FUJIO, Tomo, sAtoshi, TARO, Chuu, KAZUbou -- and hot go-go dancers Nawoto, Donburi, Hiro, Akira, Gen, ak -- will keep you roaring for more. Admission ¥3500 includes one drink.

Every 2-3 months at Fame and various venues around the Tokyo area - gay dance party that welcomes all. Past events have included Summer Beach Party, Bears & Wolves Party, and Christmas Party.
Bad Boys presents
The Backroom 強制上半身裸ラウンジパーティ

Periodic men-only parties at ArcH, 2-12-16 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Casa Verde Bldg, B1F. Gay Techno House dance party for shirtless. DJs: SUHARA, MASATO, SHUGO, and TOMOYA. GO-GO Dancers: YUTAKA, NAWOTO, 銀, HIROKAz, 孔明, TAKUTO, 修, MINORU, and TAKUMI. ¥3000 includes one drink. See facebook page below, in English.
Journey through Greek Art: Where Gods and Humans Meet
A Journey to the Land of Immortals: Treasures of Ancient Greece

Now ongoing through September 19, 2016, Heiseikan-Special Exhibition Galleries. Sculptures, fresco paintings, metal objects. Greek art blossomed from Neolithic to Hellenistic periods in Aegean Islands Cyclades and Crete, Athens, Sparta, and Macedonia. The first large-scale exhibition in Japan of Greek artworks gathered solely from Greece. Lecture: June 25th at Heiseikan Auditorium.
DJ DSKE party
Motor Pool - Pro Summer

August 13, 2016, from 10pm at Contact Tokyo, Shibuya. LGBTQ dance party featuring house music resident DJs Punkadelix, Tasaka and Shinkawa, plus guests Prosumer (Edinburgh) + Moodman; go-go dancers; drag queens Lil' Grand-Bitch, バンザイきょう子, Veronica and Jerrika Mizrahi. ¥3500 admission/ ¥1000 before 11pm.

August 27, 2016, 9pm at Aisotope Lounge. Fancy Him Gay dance party MAIN FLOOR SPECIAL GUEST: RAY NOIR(LONDON) + FEMM. MUSIC: 2チャライザー, fancyBOYS, PELI, MATCHA, HIDEO, ANITA san, Kaskay, Russlan Perretta. SUB FLOOR MUSIC: Shoushi, ASAMI(Lil Bitch, わびさび, UnoFumi, GWNS, KICK, POIPOI, NG, EP. VISUAL: KAWATA. HOST: DITA STARMINE.
The most popular men-only house party in Tokyo | 男+男+男
Banana Friday

September 2, 2016, 10pm at AiSOTOPE Lounge, first Fridays. Resident DJs + sexy go-go dancers to keep your bananas busy all night. Playing HOUSE / LOUNGE music - BANANA ZONE. See Twitter for DJ lineup and other events. MEN ONLY. Entry: ¥3000. Next: October 7th + November 4th.
In Association with Colt Studio Stag Pass

September 18, 2016, from 9pm at AiSOTOPE LOUNGE. Men-only party, all levels, Hard House, entry: ¥3500. MAIN FLOOR
GUEST: 親方 (from Osaka), SaMMie (from LUV! Okinawa). MUSIC: Junya, TARO. VJ: naomixx. SUB FLOOR GUEST: 輝 (from GOAL), MUSIC: SAT-C, HIRO. FOLSOM GUYS: GON (from Osaka), NAWOTO, TAGAO, MASAKAZU. MASTER: MIKIO. See more details at:
Hottest MegaGay Party nights in Tokyo - at AgeHa Club - For Men Only
Shangri-La 55 Party | Tribal Journey

October 8, 2016 at ageHa - Shangri-La #55 Autumn Party for men, go-go dancers, guest DJs. Coming up: December 10, 2016 - Shangri-La 56 Winter Party. See website for more details as announced:
Hosted by VITA Tokyo and Rainbow Events
VITA - 1st Anniversary Party

October 9, 2016, 11pm-6am at Wall&Wall, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku. Party/ joy/ living beyond frameworks of gender and sexuality/ New Music! New Energy! New Life! Celebrating life, uplifting circuit music, international DJs, go-go boys/ performances. Everybody welcome, regardless of gender or sexuality. More details TBA.
The Iron Penis Festival
Kanamara Matsuri 2017

April, 2017, the Kanamara Shinto shrine, Kawasaki. Celebration/prayer for fertility, long marriages, healthy births, and STD/HIV awareness. Japanese laissez-faire, penis hats, penis puppets, giant wood penises, penis costumes and penis lollipops everywhere. The omikoshi giant pink penis altar is carried before the parade, and 3 erect phallus alters are carried on parade from 1pm.
LGBT community diversity & awareness
Tokyo Rainbow Pride Week 2017

April - May, 2016, Annual Rainbow Week. Saturday Fiesta; colorful and lively Sunday parade with floats to Tokyo Yoyogi Park Event Square and outdoor stage, and 60 events in the various neighborhoods, including Shibuya and Harajuku; also picnic in Yoyogi park, parties, film screening, and more. See the website for parade route map, more information, and recent photos.
Connecting all bears in Shinjuku - a new party for men
Bear Week Tokyo

Early July, 2017 (TBC). Bear Week past year events: FRI 9pm-5am at ArcH, Mr Bearology Fashion Show/ Opening Party. SAT 9pm-5am at Aisotope, Bear-Train - Music/ DJs/ GO-GOs. SUN Fundoshi White Party at at Shinjuku 5-10-5. See website for 2017 plans when announced.
The 26th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Rainbow Reel Tokyo

Mid-July, 2017 (TBC), past year at Cinemart Shinjuku, Spiral Hall, and Restaurant Bar CAY. 10 days of LGBTQ flms, features/ shorts from around the world. Japan Premieres, Retrospectives and more. See the past year film schedule online, in English, and for upcoming programs see their website: