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Other Destinations in Brazil

Gay Salvador

Biggest street party on the planet
Bahian Carnival 2015

February 12-17, 2015. Two million people, 6 days, 5pm-5am, dance "pipoca" in open streets, in secure "abada" areas with Trio/Bloco groups; or watch from "camarote" cabins. While official opening is Thursday Feb 12, festivities will begin Sunday Feb 8 from noon at the Farol (Lighthouse) da Barra. For English see or
Gay Party November 2015 Edition
Hell & Heaven Bahia

November 19-22, 2015, at Vila Galés Marés Resort, up the coast from Salvador, 4-day electronic music festival, 7 parties, afternoon/ night sessions. All-inclusive resort services, giant pool, good food, full package deals. See online for more details as announced.