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Situated between the Alps and the Jura Mountains at the very southwest corner of Switzerland, Geneva is the most French of the Swiss cities. With hundreds of international governmental agencies and other organizations based here, it's also a very multicultural scene of many languages and cuisines.

Geneva has a much smaller gay scene than Zurich or even Lausanne. Look  for men strolling hand in hand in the International Quarter near the main train station. Pride took place in June 2013, in nearby Fribourg.


Getting here

Geneva International Airport, commonly known as Cointrin, is about 3 miles northwest of downtown Geneva. Pop downstairs to the terminal and hop aboard whatever train about to leave. All of them take you to Geneva’s main train station.

Many people visit from other European cities via the excellent train service. Swiss Federal Railways has trains from Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne and other cities. A rail pass is a (pleasantly) shockingly affordable way to get around, even in first class.


Getting around

Geneval has a compact downtown, so you’ll want to walk or rent a bicycle to get around. Trains whisk you to nearby towns in no time flat. Excellent tram and trolleybus services are operated by TPG



The gay bars here are mostly small and intimate, most of them sprinkled among streets around the main train station.

The shopping center beneath the station exits onto rue du Mont Blanc, a pedestrian street lined with shops and sidewalk cafes, which then leads to Pont du Mont Blanc. Along quai Mont Blanc are more outdoor cafes, bike rentals, ferries, and excursion boats moorings.

A short walk to the left along the waterfront, a small fee admits you onto a narrow spit of land thrusting into the water. Here in summer beyond the pebbly family beach is a small but cruisy narrow park at the point; it's been a gay meeting place for generations. Also here is Buvette des Bains des Paquis, a long-time gay-friendly restaurant with waterside seatings.


Currency and Money

The franc is the local currency for Switzerland (and neighboring Liechtenstein). Many businesses also accept euros, but don’t count on it.


Media & Resources

360 Magazine is a French-language guide to gay Geneva, Lausanne, and beyond. and have listings for several Swiss cities including Geneva.

The Dialogai Center (11-13 rue de la Navigation) local community and information center has a cafe, film nights and special parties. has gay pages included among lots of general information, on this official Swiss Tourism website. Ville-Geneve is the official site for the city, with lots of local info, in four languages.

For map locations and website links to the businesses below, and more, see our gay Geneva listings pages.


Bars & Clubs

L'Aiglon Bar (16 rue Sismondi), transforms from typical Pâquis bar and cafe by day into a most unusual nightclub by night, with DJs and a marvelous mix of people.

La Bretelle (17 rue des Etuves), hip, alternative and artsy mix of people, small nook of a cafe/bar.

Concorde (3 rue de Berne), bar and cafe, busy locals' hangout, off rue Mont Blanc.

Cruising Canyon (15, rue Dr. Alfred-Vincent), sex club, men for men, glory holes, maze, dark room, sling, cabins, videos, SM/fetish and naked nights.

Le Déclic (28 boulevard du Pont d'Arve), popular, relaxed, and comfortable gem of a bar near the Arve River, ten minutes by tram 13 from the station; karaoke on Fridays.

La Garçonnière (4 rue de la Rotisserie), intimate drag cabaret show, dance and supper club, 11:30pm and 2:30am performances.

MOA Club (22 chemin des Bataillles, Vernier), gay-friendly mixed dance crowd, five kilometers outside Geneva. Shuttle buses run between downtown and the club: 11:30 - 2:30 out, and 2:30 to 5am return, for just 5 chf - see website for schedule and bus stops.

Moulin a Danses (20 rue du Stand) gay-friendly multi-cultural cooperative, dance nights, spoken word performances, live music.

Nathan (6 rue Baudit) - CLOSED June 2014 - chic gay bar, popular hang-out on obscure back street behind the train station, two bright modern rooms, usually full, young casual international crowd, lots of events, free WiFi.

Le Phare (3 rue Lissignol), young gay, East Village sort of crowd, touch of counter-culture ambience, casual living-room style, indoor and outdoor benches, open from 3pm daily.

360 Fever is a dance party sponsored by the eponymous local magazine at various venues around town, six to eight times each year, featuring prominent electro, house and disco international and local DJs and performers.

For nights out dancing, many from Geneva take the 45 minute train trip to Lausanne for ongoing 43&10, MAD, and Trixx club nights and the Jungle special parties.



Near main station, Manor (6 rue Cornavin)  super store sells about everything a traveler might need, cheap -- from groceries and clothes to cell phones and batteries.

Substation (14 rue de Neuchâtel), gay porn shop, videos, dark rooms, cabins, all the magazines and accessories you'd expect.



Avanchets (avenue de Batista) near the airport, mixed (gay and straight) action.

Bains de l'Est (3 rue de l'Est), across Rhone River, constantly renovated facility, steamroom, Finnish sauna, private cabins, video lounge, sling-room, orgy area, dark room, solarium, workout facilities, and bar. Naked parties, Sunday cake parties, bears' nights.

Club Duplexx (8 rue Pradier), downtown men's sauna close to main station, steam, Jacuzzi, solarium, videos, bar.

Sauna des Sources (17 rue des Sources), the former Gemeaux, new management, new themes, broader all-gender client base.

Sex-work is legal, but only for free-lance individuals, not agencies. See the website Safeboy for legal and practical information..



Hotel Astoria (6 place Cornavin), three-star choice at the station.

Hotel Lido (8 rue Chantepoulet;, not too fancy, good price, one of most convenient central lodging options; free transit passes to get around town.

- staff - January 2014

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    Posted By: Cônrad | at Mar 6 2014 8:38 PM
    red flag

  • I agree 100 %, Sauna LES AVANCHETS is a disgusting place.

    Dirty, aggressive employees and unsafe conditions!!!

    DO NOT GO!
    Posted By: Edward | at Jan 11 2014 6:58 PM
    red flag

  • My FIRST gay experience in Geneva was a HORROR! I went to SAUNA LES AVANCHETS for FIRST time and was terribly DISGUSTED.

    My wallet was STOLEN from my locker. When I complained to the reception, the small ASIAN gay man was horrible and aggressive. I wanted to PUNCH his face bull of bottocks!!!

    SAUNA LES AVANCHETS was DIRTY and FULL OF PROSTITUTES from the third world. One prostitute (woman) was even DEAF and DUMB. She sollicits using SIGN language!!! PATHETIC!!!

    The JACUZZI was with FLOATING USED CONDOMS. The cabin rooms smelt SHIT. The towels had also SHITS, after used by the prostitutes.

    Posted By: Nino | at Jan 10 2014 8:44 PM
    red flag
  • Watch out for your valuables at the Concorde. Despite its goods, even the bartender would pick your pocket: take your money and make a face you didn't pay.
    Even the sleaziest bars in Paquis have their honor and give you what you pay for. Not this place.

    Faites attention à vos objets de valeur à la Concorde. En dépit de ses biens, même le barman choisir votre poche: prendre votre argent et faire un visage que vous n'avez pas payé.
    Même les barres sordides dans Paquis ont leur honneur et vous donner ce que vous payez. Pas cet endroit.
    Posted By: Slava K | at Jan 2 2014 12:59 AM
    red flag
  • First time in Geneva. I tried this SAUNA LES AVANCHETS. Yes, it was HORRIBLE experience. My wallet was stolen from the locker. There are prostitutes SOLICITING and the place is VERY DIRTY. Used CONDOMS are in the Jacuzzi and some of the cabins smell KAKA!!!

    When I mentioned to the reception about my stolen wallet, a SMALL ASIAN MAN in the reception was so ARROGANT and NASTY. I felt like punching him his face, but I decided just to get out.

    This place is a whore house. It should be reported to the POLICE !!!!

    Posted By: Rey | at Dec 27 2013 8:30 PM
    red flag
  • Went to garsonier - remarkable show , perfect service and good prices . Staff are really friendly and HOT .
    Posted By: Dana | at Sep 25 2013 11:40 PM
    red flag
  • Did check Bains de lest , am I the only one thinking those guys are so into themelves ? barely couldn't juste their Jacuzzi as 4 queens were inside and looked at me as I was ' too much "

    Anyway checked Les Avanchets and it wasn't gay . They told me to come back on Sunday. Went instead to Club Duplexx and staff was very friendly.

    Club Duplexx is really clean and the atmosphere was just perfect. Not too big, Not too small, just perfect to find someone fast :)

    Will try next time Sub Station, heard good things about it.
    Posted By: Patrick | at Apr 16 2013 11:12 AM
    red flag
  • y a-t-il vraiment des garçons qui se prostituent à la sauna des avanchets. cela vaux il la peine de faire le voyage vers genève ?
    Posted By: norberto | at Jun 1 2011 9:17 PM
    red flag
  • Je suis d'accord avec vous tous! Les Avachets Sauna est horrible, horrible, horrible!

    Posted By: Ian | at Feb 9 2011 8:11 PM
    red flag
  • Agree with all of you guys. Les Avanchets Sauna in Geneva, Switzerland is a bad, bad place. DO NOT GO!
    Posted By: Kevin | at Feb 9 2011 8:09 PM
    red flag
  • You must report Les Avanchets Sauna to Police if they have prostitutes. Maybe the Asian gay in reception is also a Prostitute.
    Posted By: Josef | at Feb 5 2011 7:32 PM
    red flag
  • I absolutely agree. Sauna Les Avanchets in Geneva is a BAD, BAD place. The Asian gay man in the reception is terrible and very bad manners. He does not want to think he is ASIAN.
    And place is full of old gay men who only want young men. BAD, BAD PLACE.
    Posted By: Stefan | at Feb 5 2011 7:31 PM
    red flag
  • My 2 friends and me from USA went to this Gay Sauna called "Les Avanchets" in Geneva, Switzerland. We had such a bad time we do not recommend it to anyone. Our lockers were opened and we were robbed. When we complained to the manager (an Asian gay male from Indonesia) he was horrible. He was yelling and screaming we just had to leave. Place is full of old gay men who wanted to pick us up as we are only in our mid 20s. One of the old gay followed us like a desparate fly. And the Asian gay man in the reception was jealous. Place is full of prostitutes (women from Africa) who openly solicit for customers.
    Do not go there!!!!
    Posted By: Jerry | at Feb 3 2011 8:29 PM
    red flag

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