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Gay Grenada

Spain has imposed entry restrictions at ports and airports
Emergency measures in the wake of Covid-19

The government has instructed all people in Spain to stay at home starting March 15th, except for brief trips for necessities. The lockdown has now been extended until May 24th. Schools, universities, nurseries, museums, bars, restaurants, cafes, theaters and cinemas have been closed. Food stores, pharmacies and tobacco stores remain open. Events below may change - check ahead.

The biggest fiesta in Granada
Corpus Christi Granada

June 6-13, 2020. Five hundred year tradition featuring bullfighting, baile flamenco tents, parades of costumed mannequins, and religious processions, ornate vendor booths and funfair rides. Every year the festivities begins on Saturday at noon with the alumbrao, lighting of thousands of lights, and ends the following Saturday with spectacular fireworks.
Getting Dirty in Baza & Guadix for the Past 500 Years!

September 6-9, 2020. A dispute from the times of Ferdinand and Isabella over which village has rights to a statue of the Virgin. The Cascamorras who tried to take the statue was repelled by citizens using black paint. Today, during the reenactment, thousands of locals and visitors get themselves and one another greasy black in Baza on Sept 6th, then covered in red in Guadix on Sept 9th.