Language: Luxembourgish, German and French

Climate: Luxembourg is temperate and mild. Summers are generally cool, with a mean temperature of about 17°C, winters are seldom severe, average temperature being about 0°C. The high peaks of the Ardennes in the north shelter the country from rigorous north winds, and the prevailing northwesterly winds have a cooling effect. Rainfall is plentiful in the extreme southwest.

Time Zone: CET — Central European Time

International phone code: 352

Currency: Euro

Capital: Luxembourg City

Transportation: Luxembourg-Findel International Airport is located 6km outside Luxembourg City. Easily accessible from the city centre via the cheap and frequent bus number 16. Luxair, the national airline, flies to many EU countries, as do British Airways, Air France, KLM, Swiss Air and Lufthansa. The Luxembourg train station can be reached directly from Paris, Metz, Brussels and Trier. A compact country, it's possible to reach most any place in less than an hour by train, bus or car from the capital.

Gay Luxembourg:

Like its neighbours Belgium, Germany and France, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is relatively sophisticated when it comes to acceptance and respect for gays and lesbians.

A marriage equality bill is currently working its way through the Luxembourg parliament, and the capital of Luxembourg City can boast both a gay scene (however modest) and a gay mayor — the third elected to a European capital after Berlin and Paris.