Language: Spanish, English

Climate: Temperatures are moderate year round, averaging 26.7°C in lower elevations and 21.1°C in the mountains. Easterly trade winds blow across the island year round. Puerto Rico has a rainy season which stretches from April into November.

Time Zone: AST — Atlantic Standard Time

International phone code: 1

Currency: US dollar (USD)

Capital: San Juan

Transportation: Puerto Rico is a US territory, so travellers must meet the same criteria as they would face to enter the US. The main airport is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport near San Juan. Jet Blue, Continental, and Spirit also fly to smaller airports in the cities of Aguadilla and Ponce. A commercial ferry service connection exists between PR and the Dominican Republic and the U Virgin Islands. Public transportation in Puerto Rico is fairly bad: outside the Metro Area there are no scheduled buses or trains. Car Rentals are available from the airport as well as larger hotels.

Gay Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico's religious roots hold sway over the issue of same-sex marriage and adoption rights, it's significant that the island's Roman Catholic Archbishop has proposed a concept called "shared residency" (residencia compartida) that would allow same-sex couples hospital visitation rights, inheritance and insurance rights.

As an incorporated territory of the US, Puerto Rico is also covered by American federal law, most notably the Matthew Shepard Act, pertaining to hate crimes.

Puerto Rico is one of the most gay-friendly experiences to be had in the largely heterosexist Caribbean. Most of Puerto Rico's surprisingly out gay and lesbian scene is found in the chic up-and-coming area of Condado in San Juan. The gentrification that usually follows gay inner-city migration has encouraged Gucci and Prada stores to elbow their way in to the neighbourhood, pushing the nightlife to the grittier Santurce area.

San Juan even boasts bear groups, queers sports groups, and lesbian groups.