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Gay Istanbul

İstanbul' un En Farklı ve En Eğlenceli Gece Kulübü
Super Fabrik

Wednesdays through Sundays 'til 5am gay/ straight-friendly dance club - Istanbul's biggest - with resident and guest DJs, go-go boys and girls, drag shows, special performances, theme parties.
Bear Pride weekend and other events
Istanbul Bears

Istanbul Bears organize local and international bear meetings, parties and events for bears, chubs, cubs, chasers and admirers to build well communication between Turkish bears, Kurdish bears and bears from all over the world. Events include the September Autumn Bear Festival with Hammam events and other parties - this past year taking place at Firuzağa Hamamı, Mono Bar, and Cheeky Club.
Onur Yürüyüşü
Gay Pride Istanbul

Pride Week annual event since 2003 with about 30 people that first event. Likely to be cancelled by officials as 2015-17 events blocked. Previous mid-June marches had attracted up to 30,000 people with parade from Taksim Square along İstiklal Ave. See KAOS + facebook.
Ziangil'le 2000'ler Yılbaşı Partisi
GZone PrideFabric - 2000's Christmas Party with Ziangil

December 27, 2018, 10pm-4am. GZone, the most popular rainbow entertainment brand! GZone resident DJ Saint Jer and SuperFabric's resident DJ Oğuz Saraç play the music of the 2000s; sexy gogos and hot dancers; also NİL ÖZALP one of the most loved names of today. Zian Ziangil, Ozden Cerrahoglu and Can Ateşsaçan + hosts celebrate the New Year! Powered by Hornet.
The Istanbul International Independent Film Festival

Mid-February, 2019. Eleven days showcasing the best in contemporary film. The festival is curated and based on thematic sections, some of which change every year to reflect issues that are gripping the world's - and filmmakers'- imagination. Over 100 films from dozens of countries, including 6 LGBT Rainbow Films. See venues/ lineup at their website. Also in Ankara.
To encourage the development of cinema in Turkey
38th Istanbul Film Festival

Early April, 2019 (TBC). Twelve days of festival - a rich palette of award-winning world cinema films, Turkish cinema, classics, masterpieces, latest discoveries. Lately included 187 feature films, 10 shorts, 24 experimental films, 25 different categories - 221 films by 223 directors from 62 countries, + talks with guest filmmakers, panel discussions, concerts + special events.