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Gay Basel

Nächste queerPlanet-Parties im SUD
Queer Planet - The Gym

May 16, 2015, from 10pm at Club SUD, Burgweg 7, Basel. Wear sports gear! The best of EDM, Tribal House, Electro House and Deep House from resident DJ Taylor Cruz + guest Extasia (WE Parties etc).

May 22, 2015 at kult.kino atelier. Swiss film in German. The 13th edition of the Swiss film tour, with a selection of the best domestic and international short films. The Short Film Night is well established so get your tickets early if you want to come.
Gays/Lesbians & Friends
That's Amore

May 23, 2015, 5pm-4am, at Bar Rouge. Party on the top floors of the Exhibition Tower, the tallest building in Basel. Women 23+  and Men 25+ Dress to Impress! Star guest: GIOVANNI CONVERSANO (Italian model/ TV star) + DJs Pepé, and Philly. Club brand combines black music, haute couture and a magnificent view.
One of the most famous and fascinating artists in history
Paul Gauguin

Ongoing through June 28, 2015. Exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler brings together masterpieces by Gauguin from leading international museums and private collections. Gauguin's groundbreaking paintings have become icons of modern art and are some of the most significant and valuable cultural treasures in the world.
A Swiss-Indonesian art collaboration project

Ongoing through June 30, 2015, Singkong keju symbolizes the modern hybrid culture of Indonesian youth after Western influences on their local traditions. An artist collective's critical observation of culture with a healthy pinch of irony. Exhibition of new paintings and prints by Swiss duo MILK+VODKA with Indonesian underground artists RONA MARLIANA and EFNU NIRWANA.
Annual LGBT film festival

November 5-11, 2015. Annual film festival sponsored by the Berner Filmförderung, Die Burgergemeinde, and Pro cinéma Berne. See their website for film schedule and screening venues:
I do not stand as witness. I defend nothing, nor do I judge.... --Jean Cocteau

Ongoing through January 24, 2016. Exhibition: Museum der Kulturen Basel. Ritual symbol, medicine, popular drug, source of poetic inspiration, foreign filth, cause of war, brown fairy, sacred smoke, satanic devilry, poison. Following trail of a sticky brown mass through changing perceptions and valuations; mythical, poetic, repulsive and inspirational dimensions across time and cultures.
Carnival in Basel
Basel Fasnacht 2016

February 15-18, 2016. Three day carnival party, vividly colored costumes, drummers and piccolo players in the streets - held the week after Ash Wednesday, mostly concentrated in the city center. Monday 4am Morgestraich main parade, Wednesday afternoon Gugge music concerts, enactments of medieval rituals: dance of death (Totentanz) and masquerade (Mummenschanz).