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Gay Mexico City

BearMex te invita a participar en la elección de Mr BearMex
Bear Events

Ongoing events at Nicho Bears & Bar include the June Mr BearMex contest. See other dates at:
Somos muchos Osos
BEARMEX: Bienvenidos Romanos y Griegos

June 26, 2019, 9pm, Ursus BearPride 2019 Greco-Roman theme party. No cover.
Director Christophe Honoré - In French - Spanish Subtitles
Pride Week: Vivir Deprisa, Amar Despacio

June 26, 2019, 9:10pm. Jacques, a writer living in Paris, has not yet turned 40 and believes the best in life is yet to come. Arthur, a student, lives in French Brittany. Lee, smiles a lot and refuses to accept that there are some things in life that are impossible. Jacques and Arthur, who like each other, live as if in a romantic dream or a sad story.
2017 Chilean drama film directed by Sebastián Lelio
Pride Week: Una Mujer Fantástica | A Fantastic Woman

June 27, 2019, 7pm. The story of Marina, a transgender waitress and singer, and Orlando, an older man, who are in love and plan a future together. After Orlando suddenly falls ill and dies, Marina is confronted by his family, who intend to drive her out of their apartment and away from Orlando's funeral. At the same time, a police detective suspects her of sexual assault.
A USA 2015 film, directed by Sean Baker
Pride Week: Tangerine: Chicas fabulosas

June 28, 2019, 7pm. After serving a sentence of 28 days in prison, Sin Dee Rella finds out from her best friend and sex worker Alexandra, that her boyfriend Chester had been unfaithful during her time inside. The two girls, determined to find the pimp who broke her heart, search the streets of Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, meeting some very odd people along the way.
Marcha del Orgullo XL
Pride Mexico 2019

June 29, 2019. Annual Saturday parade from 10am until noon at the Angel de la Independencia in Zona Rosa, then go to the Zócalo where there will be more events and entertainment. Other events take place around the city the same week in gay bars, hotels, pubs, and restaurants along wiih special promotions. Around a million people have participated in previous years.
A 2016 Chilean drama film directed by Álex Anwandter
Pride Week: Nunca vas a Estar Solo | You Will Never Be Alone

June 29, 2019, 5pm. After a violent attack on his gay teenage son, Juan, a retired administrator in a mannequin factory, struggles to pay the high medical costs while making a last attempt at partnerhip with his boss. With dead ends and unexpected betrayals he finds the world he thought he knew can to be violent for him too. After many mistakes, Juan is determined his son can be saved.
A 2003 Mexican romantic drama film written and directed by Julián Hernández
Pride Week: Mil Nubes de Paz Cercan el Cielo | A Thousand Clouds of Peace

June 29, 2019, 7pm. A 17 year old gay teenager, Gerardo wanders for five days through Mexico City, looking for someone to reveal the secret hidden in a goodbye letter from his lover Bruno, written just two days after they met. In casual sexual encounters, he encounters people who have forgotten how to love, and who can't offer him the tenderness he feels he needs to continue living.
André Aciman's 2007 novel of sexual awakening - a joyous romantic adventure film
Pride Week: Llámame por tu Nombre | Call Me By Your Name

June 30, 2019, 4pm. In 1983 the precocious teenage son of an American professor of Greco-Roman culture, becomes enamored of the graduate student who has come to work on his doctorate, and live with the family in their northern Italian 17th century villa. They share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them both.
Hosted by Cine Tonalá and Cinema Queer México
Cinema Queer 2019: Un Ejercito de Amor | An Army of Love, by Ingrid Ryberg

July 10, 2019, 7pm. A rich visual journey explores the history of queer self-presentation in Sweden. Through a combination of 16mm films and recent unpublished Super-8 footage, a documentary story of brave activists who used cameras in the 1970s to tell their truth to the world, challenging the disease classification attributed to homosexuality, as well as dominant homophobic imaginary.
A Documentary Tour at 49 Mexico City Venues
Ambulante Festival 2020

April - May, 2020 in Mexico City. Celebrating all that connects/ makes us aware of our interdependence. Film festivals create empathetic links, bringing the viewer closer to other worlds and deeper understandings; creating more connective spaces to free ourselves from certain modes of thinking and feeling, sharing in genuine collective individualism.
Mexico City is the largest metropolis in the Western Hemisphere
Mexico City/Puebla Cultural Tour

April 10-18, 2020. Brimming with rich culture and awe-inspiring architecture Mexico City can be hard to experience it all in one trip, so we’ve lined up plenty of big and hidden gems. We’ll visit ancient pyramids, take walks through interesting neighborhoods, enjoy a wide variety of arts, and have delicious food and drinks along the way.