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Gay Berlin

Ancient Worlds
Greeks, Etruscans & Romans

Ongoing, the Altes Museum. The world inhabited by gods, heroes & myths from the classical era. Includes: the colossal kouros of Didyma; the 'Praying Boy;' the spear bearer & the Amazon by Polykleitos; vases & everyday items of life in ancient Athens.
What's On in Berlin
Gay Berlin

Incomparable events calendar for all the gay parties, films, cultural events and more, happening in the city that never stands still - in German & English - from Siegessäule Magazine. Click "English" then "Calendar" month & day for the listings.
Every SAT LGBT Club - Die Szene & Nightlife Location in Berlin Friedrichshain
TanzTherapie at Die Busche (ex Haus B) - On Hold

Every Saturday 10pm-7am at Die Busche, Warschauer Platz 18. The biggest Gays and Friends dance nights in Berlin, young crowd, mainstream music/ Classic Mix Disco on two floors.
Against yourself. Around queer narratives
Gegen Berlin - On Hold

Ongoing party events, usually at KitKat. "We are not selling you the possibility to be 'queer' for one night. We want to expose you to your own fears and pleasures by pushing you to understand how your own power mechanisms are produced." Fruit buffet, welcome shots, swimming pool, 5 bars/lounges, fetish balconades.
"art (and sex) should be an open experience"

Ongoing events and open spaces. "Pornceptual presents pornography as queer, diverse and inclusive. We aim to prove that pornography can be respectful, intimate and artistic, while questioning usual pornographic labels. 'Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?'”  See website for details.
Im Kino

An ongoing monthly series of LGBTQ film nights at Kino Delphi Lux, from around the world, in original languages with German-language subtitles. See the website for upcoming screenings in Berlin and 29 more German cities. SCREENINGS resume September through May after the Summer months break.
A guided 3-hour tour by Jeff Mannes | ORJIZMIC Human Sexuality
Berlin History of Sex

Dive into the history of Berlin sexual science/ sex life. Explore: the story of Dr Magnus Hirschfeld; the world’s first LGBTIQ rights organization; 1920s sexual nightlife, sex work and fetishes; sex/ gender diversity at the Eldorado clubs and high Nazi officials visitors; the home of Christopher Isherwood; eradication of sexual freedom in Nazi Germany; AIDS; current clubs.
A Berlin cult party
Chantal's House of Shame - Online (on Hold at Bassy Club)

Fourth Thursdays 11pm-8am (usually at Bassy Club in Pfefferberg basement, Schönhauser Allee 176). Legendary "Super Disco" extravaganza, with showtime around 1am - live vocalists and band entertainment, renowned house and electro DJs, hard-partying and uninhibited mixed crowd. Host Chantal.
Karaoke Sex Party
Gayhole: Darkroom-Karaoke - On Hold

Thursdays, 11pm at  Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke. The NASTY KARAOKE PARTY with Amy, Whitney, und Michael; cabins available, SING IN THE DARK with strangers! Admission 3 Euros with a free schnapps at the door. Sing, dance, fuck, get sucked into the GAYHOLE.
For over 20 years - now with new sound, new décor, new lounge, new splendor
Connection Club Berlin - On Hold

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sunday, Fuggerstraße 33. Two dancefloors, lounge, cruise maze, the biggest darkroom in the city, international DJs. Parties: Men-Only The Fabric every first Friday Industry and third Friday Cazzo; Mate second Saturday; Labyrinth fourth Saturday.

Second Fridays, 11pm-8am, at KitKat Club, Köpenicker Str. 76. Relocated from London to Berlin, now one of the biggest and most successful monthly parties in town, with best local/international DJs and unique performers from the international gay underground scene. A majority gay night/ everyone welcome. Also Pride + Folsom Europe events, plus B:EAST BERLIN at Magdalena dates:
Non-mainstream & sophisticated
Berghain + Panorama Bar - On Hold

Saturday nights from midnight until Sunday afternoon at Berghain and Panorama, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, playing Hard House, Techno in a gay-friendly warehouse/industrial mixed crowd environment. Very selective door, €12 entry. Fridays in Panorama only.
The classic Berlin Saturday night
CarneBall Bizarre KitKatClubnacht - On Hold

Saturdays, 11pm-8am at Kitkat, Köpenicker Straße 76/ Brückenstraße. Queer Elektrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive Dance with performances, playrooms. "flamboyant, styled and colourful crowd  -- multi-layered, feature-filled, sensual, multi-sexual... hilarious action, ecstatic atmosphere, rocking party crowd." After party: Piep Show.
HomOriental party, playing Greek, Turkish, Arab, and Israeli Pop music
Gayhane @SO36 | House of Halay - On Hold

Last Saturdays each month at SO36. Belly dancing go-gos, midnight show, Homo Oriental dance floor with DJ Ipek and guest DJs. Long been known far beyond Berlin, for almost 8 years, lesbians, gays, shemales and friends have been dancing to Turkish, Arab, Greek and Hebrew pop music. Also after-midnight shows/performances.
Sunday T-Dances
Café Fatal @SO36 - On Hold

Sundays 7pm-1am at SO36. LGBT Ballroom dancing, lessons until 10pm, then Disco Pop and German Schlager music, dirty dancing & fun.
Yorck Kinogruppe
Mongay - On Hold

Mondays, 10pm at Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee 33. Weekly sceenings of the best in LGBTQ cinema from around the world. See website for upcoming films.
Horse Fair - Foire aux lopes - Mercado de yeguas
FickstutenMarkt - On Hold

Private events on irregular dates, 5:30pm-midnight, Dragon Floor, Kitkat, Berlin. Also in Hamburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne clubs, where, willing mares offer themselves to stallions without ever seeing their faces. Entry: 12 €. Next dates.
Approaches the theme of the witchcraft from the perspective of contemporary art
Disturbance: Witch - With focus on the disruptive factor

Ongoing through December 27, 2020. The witch factor shakes deadlocked power structures. Witch-like, abnormal, irrational, magical and wrong vs traditional role patterns/ structures, threatening contemporary white/ male-dominated status quos. Attributions + projections onto witches, women and queer people as instruments of exclusion; strategies still virulent today as ongoing witch hunts.
Curated by Alona Pardo, Barbican Centre London
Masculinities: Liberation through Photography

Ongoing through January 10, 2021, 10am-9pm. As ideas around masculinity undergo a global crisis, a comprehensive group exhibition at the Gropius Bau explores ways in which masculinity is experienced, performed and socially constructed from the 1960s to today. Featuring works by Laurie Anderson, Richard Avedon, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Isaac Julien, Annette Messager and Wolfgang Tillmans.
CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art
CTM Festival

Throughout January, 2021. Innovative pop, electronic and experimental music festival. During thirteen years of existence, CTM has gained a reputation for being essential, ranking among the world’s most cutting-edge festivals, referred to as Germany’s most important gathering for electronic and experimental music and Berlin’s best Pop festival.
Village Online Public · Hosted by Village Berlin
Self-Translated - an inclusive dancing session with Gal Naor

January 3, 2021, 5-6pm. Move together! Dancing session practice in Hand Mudra’s power-stations. Dive together into a physical-mental journey. Learn to listen to body-knowledge, set personal intentions, dance to unlock emotional baggage, + expand our mutual heart. Dressed-up or not - as perfect as you are! Inclusive sessions welcome all men. Led in English + Sign-Language.
MondayYoga - for strength and flexibility with Thilo Keller
Village Online / MondayYoga for GBTQ+ Men

January 4, 11, 18, 25 + February 1, 8, 15, 22, 2021, 7-8:30pm. The dynamic mix of sweat and spirit will challenge you to step up to your boundaries and help you to develop authentic personal power. Be prepared to SPARKLE and SHINE!
Hosted by Village Berlin and Ryan Backer
Village Online / Age Queer, growing older in the Queer Community

January 4, 2021, 8-9pm. We’re all age travelers, somewhere on the spectrum between older and younger. Join us in a visioning workshop about age, aging, and the unlearning of ageism. Ageism is compounded by other forms of prejudice: easy to overlook and difficult to untangle. LGBTQIA2S+ communities are especially susceptible to generational silos. Event takes place in English only.
GayBiTransQueer men's group
Village Life Drawing for GBTQ Men

January 5, 12, 19, 26, 2021, 8-10pm. A friendly, supportive environment to draw the male figure; all ability levels. Further your understanding of drawing. Each week a different challenge set by the tutor; each session a meditation to question ways to see, think, feel, and draw. Provided: Nude models; short/ long poses; professional instruction; feedback. Bring materials or buy at cost.
The monthly Sportswear- & Sneakerparty in Berlin

January 8, 2021, 10pm-5am. A Prollboys-Production. Dresscode: SPORTSWEAR/ SNEAKERS; PICALDI/ PROLL, SKATER, SOCCER, SCALLY, CHAV. Sniff/ Trampling Area. Big Darkroom/ Playzone/ Chill Area. Prollboys film screenings.
Online space presenting a fresh approach or idea about erotic energy
Village Online / Erotic Energy Lab

January 12 + February 9, 2021, 7:45-8:45pm. Leading participants into self-guided exploration, using breath, touch and movement to connect with erotic energy in our bodies and then share the results of our explorations with each other. We may also experiment with sending and sharing that energy itself to each other in our different locations as we become more familiar with it.
A classic among the Pornfilmfestival shorts programs
BDSM Porn Shorts

January 12, 2021, 5 + 7pm. Films: Aries, Obol Film Club, AR 2019, 23 min, Spanish OV + English ST. Safeword: 8, Carmina, FR 2020, 16 min, English OV. Good Baby, Goodyn Green, DE 2020, 13 min, English OV. Aşk dans la salle de bain, David Zingraff, FR 2020, 22 min, with no dialogue.
With Marc Ben Boaz
LockDown / QueerFight

January 15 + February 12, 2021, 7:45-9pm. Workshop uses movement to explore boundaries between play, assertion, and aggression Taking the wisdom and insight it offers, using it to encounter ourselves at a deeper level. Experiments with our own  joy, rage, anticipation, threat, confrontation, curiosity to find new embodied responses. All are welcome.
Hosted by Marco Astolfi & Torsten Bless for gay, bi, trans, queer Men
Village Online Heart Circle

January 22 + February 5 + 19, 2021, 8-10:30pm, at Facebook Online. A space to express feelings and share experiences in a loving and supportive community of GBTQ men. A  Native American practice adopted by the Radical Faeries to build community. A place to sit together peacefully, speak from and listen with our hearts, honoring different ways in a safe and non-judgemental space.
SSULTRY + Pornfilmfestival Berlin present:
Sex in Digital Space with Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart

January 24, 2021, 12-1pm. New online panel discussion with special guests Charlotte Sartre and Lance Hart. Invited speakers will speak about pandemic changes to the porn industry in these past 6 months, safety in digital space, work/life balance in the year 2021 and also share about their daily life as a happily married couple.
Curated & presented by Marcelo Alves - Village.Berlin
Short Film Night | Underrepresented Voices

January 26, 2021, 7:15pm. Acknowledging BiPOC, F2M transgender, non-binary, sex-work + other over-looked points-of-view. Styles and themes of the shorts were chosen to emphasize inclusivity and diversity. Personal hybrid documentaries, experimental films, animation, or even more conventional drama; created to answer from an anti-racism/ inclusivity questionnaire initiated by volunteers.
Show up on time. No entry for latecomers after 9pm
Village Online // Cum Together with Julien Martin

January 31, 2021, 8:30pm. meditation and masturbation ritual. Switch between roles, experiment, try things out. Celebrate your body, your genitals, your lust and your arousal with other men. Slip into roles of exhibitionist or voyeur. Be as shameless or restrained as is right for you. Change role at any time. Clothing, nudity and masturbation are welcome. Next date: TBA.
A workshop about age, aging, & the unlearning of ageism
Villlage Online / Age Queer, with Ryan Backer

February 1, 2021. We’re all age travelers on the spectrum between older and younger. A visioning workshop about age, aging, and unlearning ageism. Ageism is compounded by easily overlooked/ difficult to untangle prejudices. Our communities are especially susceptible to generational silos. Unique life courses, well-equipped to dismantle ageism and undo all prejudices.
Village.Online Facebook Event by Village Berlin and Marco Astolfi
Village Book Club for GBTQ Men | Faggots by Larry Kramer

February 2, 2021, 7:45-10:15pm “I’m tired of using my body as a faceless thing to lure another faceless thing, I want to love a Person!”, says Fred Lemish, the main character. His search for a partner is frustrated by the hedonistic lifestyle based on promiscuous sex and recreational drugs that dominates the gay subculture in New York at the end of the Seventies.
By Village Berlin and Queer Matters e.V.
Village Movie Night: American Black Gay Male Representation - Tongues Untied

February 23, 2021, 7:30pm. Screening Tongues Untied, 1989 w/ Marlon Riggs + TBD Short film. In recognition of black history month, the ground-breaking experimental documentary combining imagery, poetry, and performance to depict the complexities of black manhood and sexuality, homophobia, racism, and the resilience of black gay (mostly cis) men in their lives.
The Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 2021
Berlinale 71 - A Festival in Two Stages (postponed from February)

March + June, 2021 (dates TBA). With 250 international talents, 100+ experts, mentors + guests revealing success secrets. Berlin’s largest cultural event, among the most important film industry dates at 23 venues, with around 400 films, many world/ European premieres, every genre, length, format, from 100+ countries; 300,000 tickets sold; art, glamour, parties, business deals.
Berlinale Festival Best in Queer Film
Teddy Awards

March, 2021, Friday 9pm at Volksbühne Berlin. Berlinale queer cinema awards honor Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Short Film, TEDDY Jury Award and SPECIAL TEDDY AWARD. Stage show, stars from around the world; the TEDDY Party --probably the best party of the Berlinale. The German and English website has a trove of information + video clips.
Thousands of fetish guys from around the world come to Berlin
Easter Berlin 2021 Annual Fetish Events

March 31 - April 5, 2021. Past events: WED Woof Warm-Up. THU Fetish Garage Sale + Connection DUNGEON PARTY. FRI Easter B'fast + Reception + Fetish Boat + Scheune Rubber Lust. SAT Scheune Puppy-Party + Woof Skin Lust. SUN Connection ML Berlin Contest + Lab.Oratory GUMMI RUBBER PARTY + Connection PIG. MON Fetish Bus Liner + Woof Skin&Sport. 2021 program TBA at:
Hosted by BerlinBear
Easter BearDance 2021

April 2, 2021, 10pm-4am. Men-only Easter BearDance 2021 with DJs Martin Rapp + Axelay, and VJ Alkis. Smoker's Lounge & Darkroom. No Dresscode. Past year was postponed, then cancelled. More info coming soon...
SPECIAL SHOW by The Grand Robyn“ by Ocean & Ensemble
PROPAGANDA Berlin - featuring the Grand ROBYN Show

April 3, 2021, 11pm-8am at Metropol. New date. ORIGINAL Pop/House SEXY + WILD Party. Two floors, VIP lounge, glitter-bombs, smokers' lounge. With Annie O, Schiela, Darc Delirium, Victoria Bacon B2B Anna Klatsche, Rosetta Bleach. Ocean Sistemich Show. Door Host: NIKITA. Dancers: David Dave + Friends. Confetti Canons/ Glitter Shooter/ Laser Shows.
New Films from Berlin & Brandenburg
Achtung Berlin

Mid-April, 2021 - (TBC) annual 8-day film festival dedicated to Berlin & Brandenburg filmmakers, the 3rd largest in Berlin, with feature films, documentaries, and world premieres. See website for information about rescheduled upcoming events.
International Queer Short Film Festival

Early May, 2021 (TBC). QUEER FILM in all forms - glory, shame, distaste, trash and beauty. Four-day 15th annual festival by people who enjoy queer films, screening new + old films, shorts or features - the queer perspective from all corners of the world to challenge normative views, propose alternate ways of thinking, and approach life and storytelling in other ways. See program:
Hosted by XJAZZ, and FluxFM - Postponed from 2020
XJAZZ Festival Berlin - Kreuzberg

May 5, 2021, 3-6pm. Shabaka/Ancestors, Alice Phoebe Lou, Shai Maestro, Kokoko!, GoGo Penguin, Avishai Cohen, Tony Allen, Adam Green, Emma-Jean Thackray, Black Midi, Frank Wiedemann/Bigamo Musik, Katharina Ernst, Fink, Zur Schönen Aussicht/Käptn Peng, Nik Bärtsch, Rymden, Ethnic Heritage, Jaga Jazzist, Àbáse, Jamila/Other Heroes, Chassol, Robot Koch....
Klub Kids Berlin presents
Crystal Methyd & JuJuBee's Wonderland

May 18, 2021, 8-11pm. 18+ fan favourite from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 and ultimate drag legend f- resh from All Stars 5 JujuBee. Expect the unexpected from these unique crazy cookie queens, plus huge supporting acts. Time to get weird and wonderland this winter.
Hosted by Berlin And The Beat and Spindler & Klatt
Berlin and the Beat

June 26, 2021, 9pm-4am at Spindler&Klatt. Musik DJ Fox + Friends play House, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop. Electro, Charts, Indie and Alternative.
Hosted by Festsaal Kreuzberg Biergarten, Festsaal Kreuzberg & Queer Garten
Queer Garten

July 17 - September 25, 2021, Saturdays 4pm at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2. Welcome to queer garden season - an amazing time! Musically spoiling you with the finest House, Chicago House, Afrohouse, Minimal, and Deep Techno. DJs have included: Gloria Viagra, LA SCHMOCK, Sara Moshiri, Herr von K and JAYCAP.
Europe's largest queer open-air event
Gay & Lesbian Stadtfest 2021

July 17-18, 2021, annual Stadtfest weekend of LGBTQ Pride festivities in Schöneberg, each day from 11am. Crowds throng music stages and surrounding streets, clubs and beer gardens around Nollendorfplatz in all directions. 2020 events cancelled. See 2019 photos + 2021 program as announced, at their facebook page:
The Saturgay Party! Back for Pride Berlin in 2020!
REVOLVER - Berlin PRIDE Party 2021

July 23, 2021, 10pm-10am. Cum to the infamous KitKatClub to dance with the sexiest boys in the Berlin underground scene. Welcum to Pride, with poolside chillout-area, laser show, walking acts and kinky surprises. A massive celebration on 3 stunning dancefloors featuring international DJs TBA.
Will Berlin CSD be back in the streetsl this year?
Berlin Pride | Christopher Street Day 2021

July 24-26, 2021. Virtual celebrations took place in 2020. Hoping to get back to normal in 2021 with street parade/march, festival and all the other queer summer events. See updates at FB or website:
Combi-Pass online!
GIANT Revolver PRIDE Weekender 2021

July 24-25, 2021, 10pm-11am. The 2-day 4th Giant Revolver Party Weekend with FRI REVOLVER PARTY Berlin at KitKatClub + SAT GIANT-Berlin at Spindler + Klatt. STAR GUESTS, RESIDENTS + SPECIAL ACTS TBA. DANCERS + WALKING ACTS. FRI David Dave + Friends. SAT Spindler + Klatt - the only Pride Party location directly at the Spree River/ City Center.
Annual LGBT Park Festival
Parkfest Friedrichshain 2021

August 14, 2021. Annual Summer Saturday LGBT festival, thousands in attendance, lots of local talent performing on grounds of open-air cinema in Friedrichshain / Volkspark. Non-commercial festival celebration involves many gay clubs & institutions. See website for previous events.
European Fetish Event of the Year
Folsom Europe 2021

September 10-12, 2021, annual 5-day weekend Fetish STREET Fair/ leather/ fetish/ skin/ rubber events draw 25,000 visitors. Past year included: REVOLVER, Dungeon, F*ck Extreme, PIG Fetish Party, MENtabolism, Classic Meets Fetish, Gay Boat Ahoi excursion, Fetish Boat, bar and bathhouse events all week around the city. See updates at:
Die Kultveranstaltung ist zurück!
Gaywiesn Berlin

September 13 - October 18, 2021, 6pm each Monday for over a month at Mühlenstraße 45-46, Ostbahnhof, Mitte. Annual 5-week Gaywiesen celebrations at Oktoberfest tent, wooden benches and lawn. Good food, DJs, go-go dancers, drag divas, live music bands and performers on stage, and plenty of Oktoberfest beer.
Hosted by Letsdok and Yorck Kinogruppe

September 18, 2021 (TBC), 11am at Kino Blauer Stern. Celebrating documentary film and the shared film experience. Screenings accompanied by film talks and panel discussions. Past year curated film series of documentary filmmaking presented or women's films; an inspiring journey through 40 years of German documentary film history; timeless films on great themes of the world and life.
Supporting & amplifying diversified voices of women in film & music
Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin - The 3rd Edition

October 6-10, 2021, 7pm, Annual five day film event featuring screenings of international short films & feature films of all genres as well as a hand-picked selection of music videos. Panels, networking sessions and discussions about recent topics will complete the program.
The 18th HustlaBall in Berlin
Hustlaball Berlin Circuit Party

October 22, 2021, 10pm FRI main event at KitKat. The 18th annual HustlaBall Berlin, with REAL HUSTLABALL AWARDS, back to the roots! Fun with/for hustlers, hookers, pimps, streetwalkers, flesh-peddlers, porn stars + other scandalous sorts. Events at Connection Club Berlin and at Bootshaus Cologne, in addition to main party night at Kitkat. Events in 2020 cancelled. See details/photos:
What is the difference between Pornography and Art? Art is more expensive!
16th Porn Film Festival Berlin

October, 2021.Pornography should stimulate, be erotic, sexy, not as unwatchable as it is now. This festival showcases the most innovative, risk-taking visionaries in film, photography, performance, music, the art scene, porno-land and even porn karaoke to challenge the erotic film genre; artists who have explored sex through their work for years.
Annual international LGBT film festival

August-September, 2021. Six-day film festival featuring international LGBTQ films in screenings in Berlin, and past year online. Screenings at Kino Delphi Lux. See website and FB page for current, past and future program. Also screenings in Dresden, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Stuttgart.
Award-winning films of all genres of French/ Francophone cinema
French Film Week Berlin 2021 - Online & Cinema Event

November 2021. Past year's films: Le Regard De Charles; M; Sous Les Étoiles de Paris; Chambre 212; Roubaix, Une Lumière; M; Rêves de Jeunesse; Les Drapeaux De Papier; Alice et Le Maire; Tu Mourras À 20 Ans; Les Hirondelles de Kaboul; Adolescentes; La Langue Est Donc Une Histoire D’amour; La Forêt de Mon Père; and Admiration.
In solidarity with cinemas ACUD, Sputnik Kino am Südstern & Moviemento
Human Rights Film Festival Berlin - In Cinemas & Online

November - December, 2021. Past year featured eleven films in eleven days. Stories of courageous humans, films document human rights violations and give insights into current crisis. The Festival offers new perspectives and a platform to engage in human rights discussions.