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Gay Tokyo

Arch - AiSOTOPE - ALAMAS - AiiROCafé
Party Night Schedule

See the current and next month calendar of events for men-only, women-only, bears, J-Pop and various theme nights at four of the gayest venues in Tokyo.
All Genre Dance

Last Saturdays every other month (Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec), 9pm at Aisotope Lounge. Fancy Him 20+ Gay Dance Party - Main Floor Special Resident & International Guest DJs. Visuals & Host TBA. See website and facebook updates.

Every 2-3 months at Fame and various venues around the Tokyo area - gay dance party that welcomes all. Past events have included Summer Beach Party, Bears & Wolves Party, and Christmas Party.
The most popular men-only house party in Tokyo | 男+男+男
Banana Friday

Periodic Fridays, 11pm, AiSOTOPE. MEN-ONLY Party. DJs + sexy go-go dancers keep your banana busy all night. With (most recent) DJs: Liberty, Chop, DSKE, M Naruse, Masato, and Crazist. Go-Go Boys: GON, Atsushi, Sho, courseK, Mamoru, and Shigeru. ¥3500.
Thirty Men-Only

Periodic Fridays, 9pm at Aisotope. Men-only dance party on 2 floors with (most recent) DJs YUME, SUHARA, はねとし, TAG, KICK, Takeyuki, ナターリア, 8★1, and Ken-Z. GoGo Boys: NAWOTO, RAFAEL, YOSHIHIRO. QUEEN: バンザイきょう子, apna. 18歳以上からの入場:OK - Admission 18 and above.
Glamorous Tokyo - 11th Anniversary

September 16, 2017, 11pm-5am at Club Asia. Guest DJs, All-Human Gay Mix with sexy go-go dancers and performances, drag queen divas. Special guest: Beverly. Tech House, Progressive House, and Circuit House. Guest DJs TBA. See fb (restricted to facebook account holders).
Men Only レザー&ラバー、 フェチッシュパーティー

September 17, 2017, 6pm-midnight at AiSOTOPE Lounge. Men-only fetish party. DJs Junya + SAT-C play HARDHOUSE. Hot, kinky go-go dancers, Folsom Guys: TAGAO, One One, MASAKAZU. Master: MIKIO. Door: ¥2000/1D. Next in 2017: December 17th. See Twitter
2nd Anniversary - Hosted by Rainbow Events + VITA Tokyo - 協賛 9monsters
VITA - Thank You Cruise

September 18, 2017, 4-7:15pm. Sunset cruise with the VITA crew + DJ YUME. Tickets limited to 150 - party/ joy/ living beyond frameworks of gender/ sexuality. New Music/Energy. Life! Uplifting circuit music. All gender/ sexuality welcome. Board 4pm at Daishi Bridge Wharf Bldg (Minato Mirai Line, Nihon Odori Station, a 4 min walk from Exit 2). Depart 4:45pm. Returning to port 7:15pm.
Black Friday

September 22, 2017, 10pm at Aisotope Lounge. Mixed 18+ Gay + Straight-Friendly Party Night w/ Top40 / HipHop / RnB / Trap Music from DJs KOMORI, Chii, Chanken, TESSAN, POIPOI, and CRAZIST on the Main Floor + NAKAMATA + TOMu in the Lounge. Go-go Boys: NAWOTO, mAkey, and EMI. Drag Queens: Jerrika Mizrahi + Suger Lu. Host: ARA + SIO.
9Monsters Men-Only 8th Anniversary Party
Debumosen Night デブも専ナイト

September 23, 2017, 8pm. 18+ Men's all-genre party on all floors with DJs: TADASEEK, YAMAKAWA, KICK, GAKKIE, チャコ, OSH, 殿下&よねだ, まこと, NEW-TON, DSK. GOGOS: 新黒, PAG, たかちょ, ひじき, 和馬, じゅんぺー, ぶんた, 大. DQ: むらっち, ちゃこ, イズミ・セクシー, 釈麗子. VJ: naomixxx. Performers: ママ: 大作, 文太, よねだ, むらっち, タロ, ジュンジュン.... DOOR: ¥3500/ includes 1 drink.
Sunday Night 18+ Lip-Sync Battle

September 24, 2017, 10pm. DJs: Terry Washizu, michio, Tek-Roc, TOMO-YA, nonaka,79. QUEENS: HOSSY, PRINCE$$, TINKOW, Bibiy Gerodelle, TEMANDA, 穴野をしる子, Piña Niña, Sugar Lu, VANITAS. DANCERS: chiharu, Mother Koppi Mizrahi, I PRIDE, Chise Ninja, Rino Mulan, SHIMIZUMASH, tama, Otaka, mitsuharu, Maylaw, eMy, Jhay, YASUTAKA, Poyömaru, Mantaro, Osamu, Hayato, U-Sei, Yoshiyuki.
入場制限:MEN ONLY - Sports Fetish
Sweatpants Night ノーパンスウェットナイト

September 27, 2017, 9pm at Aisotope. Sweat Pants Night - men only - House Music by DJs Takemi, M☆NARUSE, FUJIO, DSK☆ミ, HANETOSHI, NAOKI. Erotic go-go men: MASAKI,AKI, NAWOTO, DONBURI, KENJI, RAKUDA, and mAkey. VISUALIZER: AKAHIGE, Beisuke. MATCHING: 9monsters. Main + Cruise rooms. Under age 25 discount.
BAD BOYS はオトナのクラブパーティーです。
Bad Boys

October 7, 2017, 10pm at Aisotope Lounge. Men-only 18+ SAT EDM/ HIP HOP/ HOUSE/ J-POP dance party. DJs HIDEO, SUHARA, MASAO, KATSUYUKI, MAQBE, TAMA and TET. No shirts. Sexy go-go boys + Pole Performers. Discounts for foreign travelers, and those with six-pack abs or ages 20-25. See more Two Cowboys party dates at Twitter.

October 8, 2017, 8pm. For men in their forties but big brother's favorite young people are welcome too! MAIN FLOOR DJs: DAI, Tecchin, ASAKO, sAtoshi, and TAKEMI. SUB FLOOR DJs: angen, FUJIO, かつき, 輝, and でかやす. Performers: 打勇太鼓, ママダンサーズ. Go-gos: 睦樹, YOSHI, and Kouichirou.
Hosted by VITA Tokyo + RainbowEvents レインボーイベンツ のイベントです
VITA 2-Year Anniversary Party

October 8, 2017, 10pm-6am at WALL/WALL. The VITA 2 Year Anniversary Party powered by Scruff. LGBT/all gender/ sexuality welcome. DJs: DJs Alain Jackinsky + TOMO. GoGo Dancers: Kenji, Marina, Jin, Sam, Brave, and Koppi Mizrahi. Women-only Goddess Vol. 2 (Room 2) w/ DJs Roz, Hitomi, Funky, and Tent_O_Mushi.
入場制限:Women Only
Diamond Cutter - Girls Halloween Party

October 14, 2017, 9pm at Aisotope. Women-Only House Music Party. Main Floor EDM DJs: VEIZY, TB3, and AZSA. Sub-Floor U-beatz DJs:endemic, tuki and MINAMI. DC Beauty: JOE, NAO, MOMO, MINAMI and AICO. DC Crow: tuki, kazusa...and more. ¥2,500 at the door.
The Autumn Edition
Shangri-La Volume 60 – Tribal Journey

October 14, 2017, 10pm at AgeHa. Gay Autumn dance party, multiple dance floors, music by guest and resident DJs, sexy go-go dancers. Next: December 16th - volume 61 - Christmas Party.
Freaky Circus 仮装ハロウィンパーティ Halloween

October 20, 2017, 9pm. Gay Halloween theme party night. MAIN FLOOR DJs: SHINKAWA, ATT, MASATO, SAMMIE, and はねとし. SUB FLOOR DJs: JoeG, KICK, crazist, and MKN. DANCERs: TAF (KUNI + DOARA), I PRIDE, and SHIMIZU MASH. POLE: Poyömaru. DRAG QUEENS: OLIVE, DURIAN LOLLOBRIGIDA, and Piña Niña. MC: LADY. HOSTESS: TAKEJIRO (HOME Shibuya).

October 21, 2017, 9pm at Aisotope. Every third Saturday Gold Finger women-only party. All-women all-star DJ lineup. Genderless show performers. DOOR: ¥2500/ND. BIRTHDAY girls pay only ¥1,000.
The Iron Penis Festival
Kanamara Matsuri 2018

April 1, 2018, the Kanamara Shinto shrine, Kawasaki. Celebration/prayer for fertility, long marriages, healthy births, and STD/HIV awareness. Japanese laissez-faire, penis hats, penis puppets, giant wood penises, penis costumes and penis lollipops everywhere. The omikoshi giant pink penis altar is carried before the parade, and 3 erect phallus alters are carried on parade from 1pm.
LGBT community diversity & awareness
Tokyo Rainbow Pride Week 2018

April 28 - May 6, 2018 (TBC), Annual Rainbow Week. Saturday Fiesta; colorful and lively Sunday May 7th parade with floats to Tokyo Yoyogi Park Event Square and outdoor stage, and 60 events in the various neighborhoods, including Shibuya and Harajuku; also picnic in Yoyogi park, parties, film screening, and more. See the website for parade route map, more information, and recent photos.
Rainbow Week 2018
Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festa + Parade

May 5-6, 2018 (TBC). Past year SAT+SUN 10am-6pm Festa at Yoyogi Park. SUN noon-3:30pm Parade through Shibuya and Harajuku with colorful floats great music blasting - from Kyu Shibuya Kuyakusho Mae to Yoyogi Park (Harajuku gate). SUN 6pm-12am Closing Party at Aisotope Lounge. See website for 2018 details/ updates.
The 27th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Rainbow Reel Tokyo

July, 2018, at Cinemart Shinjuku, and Spiral Hall, Minato-ku. 10 days of LGBTQ flms, features/ shorts from around the world. Japan Premieres, Retrospectives and more. See the past year film schedule online, in English, and for upcoming programs see their website: