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Gay Paris

Curiosa, antique erotic objects, rare books and magazines...

Ongoing at La Galerie Au Bonheur du Jour, 1 rue Chabanais. 200 vintage to modern era male nudes: photography, paintings drawings, 1870-2013. Painters/sculptors models, sports, naturalism, erotic images, and contemporary iconography. Permanent exhibit of artists such as von Gloeden, Vincenzo Galdi, Lehnert et Landrock, Jean Boullet, Soungouroff, Paul Smara.
Soirées Black Blanc Beur
La Soirée BBB

Every Sunday, 11pm-6am, back at Gibus. Unique Parisian Black and Arab party for 16 years. An incredible party with beautifull boys, RnB and Arabic music mixes, erotic male strippers, theme nights, international guest performers and diva shows. See photos and videos here.
Down by the river
Paris Plage

July - August, 2019. From early July to late August (9am-midnight), the Seine banks acquire beaches, with palmettos, chaises longues, swimming pools above the river, evening concerts, and sand. Find them: between Pont Neuf near the Louvre to Pont de Sully; at Voie Georges Pompidou; and on the canal at Bassin de la Villette near metro Jaures/Stalingrad, in NE Paris.
Embark all on the Concorde Atlantic
B.Boat Summer Party - Flamingo Édition

August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019, 7pm at 23 quai Anatole France. Continuing Fridays through Sept 6th - your summer HQ, the most exotic/ convivial summer evening in Paris, on a huge boat w/ terrace on the Seine, BBQ, cocktail + wine bars, dance floor, mechanical surfing, roller skating, karaoke, and happy crowd of hundreds of handsome boys. Next: Sep 6th.
Looking for a different type of LGBT party?
Le Bal LGBT du Tango

August 2, 3, 9, 10, 23, 24, 30, 31, 2019, 10:30pm-5am. This for you! All kind of people and music - except techno - from oldies to current hits in original version. Unique + typical same-sex couple dance session. Come as you are. Next Le Bal LGBT du Tango see:.
Raï'nB, HIP HOP, POP, Oriental & House
Total Beur

August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019, 11:30pm-9am. Every Friday Ethnic and Urban Dance + Cruise Party - Arab/ Berber/ African/ Middle Eastern male ambience - all are welcome. Two dance floors, CHICHA Lounge - three ambiences w/ Best Rn'B, Raï, Dance, Oriental and House Music.
Friday - Hosted by It's B Party Paris and Gibus Club
It's B(ea)ch Party - Kylie vs Ariana

August 2, 2019, 11:45pm-6am. B*PARTY summer Battles of the Pop Stars - the next for this season featuring Kylie vs Ariana. Music by Music by Damita J, Jérôme Brücker, Rody V, and Rodrigue Visino. Door: Alexis Aveniere, Alexis Parente, Victor Amaro, Tito Titah Krimm, Monique Halliwell, Marvin A Bradshaw, and Joh Ann.
La Toilette de Jour - Magnitude 10

August 3, 2019, 6pm-6am. Last toilet this year. A beautiful ending of tricking senses w/ 12 hours of phantasmagorical travel. From new Brazilian underground culture to tribal pulsations; elven forests to lowland Parisian post-punk techno: ABSL, Primitive, Hobo Noise, Mind/Matter, Adc-303, Haze of sorrow and Panzer. Performers: Homenestatua + BOILER ROOM. Be free, be freak, be shameless.
Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour du Gibus Summer Club est arrivé ...
GIBUS Summer Club #4

August 3, 2019, midnight - 10am. Your Summer Clubbing HQ, Your Party Temple, Your Sanctuary of Happiness, Your Home: LE GIBUS. With DJs GSP + EUDES FREIRE.  Hosts: AUREL DEVIL + SERGEY. 20€ at the door.
Afterwork rooftop clubbing
LaPutiVuelta - Rooftop Summer Sundays

August 4, 2019, 4-10pm, Generator Hostel Paris, 11 place du Colonel Fabien. Afterwork Gay Friendly is back, full of surprises on the Generator rooftop; good times with friends, drinks, cocktails, food and views of Montmartre hill/ Sacré Coeur. DJs James Marceau + Victor Salmon play Deep House. Next: Sep 6th.
Tous les dimanches! Every Sunday through March

August 4, 11, 18, 25, 2019, 10pm - 4am. Every Sunday night rendez-vous at Depot. Come discover the best of club music from the '80s and' 90s until midnight and the best of current club house clubbing from midnight in the new renovated basement club! with DJ Tommy Marcus. Next: Sep 1, 8 ...
Soirées Black Blanc Beur
BBB - The Lion King Party

August 4, 2019, 11pm-6am. Queen B on the mix + show. Music by DJs Mayron + Best. Unique Parisian Black and Arab party for 16 years. An incredible party with beautifull boys, RnB and Arabic music mixes, erotic male strippers, theme nights, international guest performers and diva shows. See photos and videos here.
Every Tuesday Gay Cruising
Novice Academy Depôt

August 6, 13, 20, 27, 2019, 9pm at Sun City and Le Depot - le plus mythique des Cruising Gay de France! Two venues, two ambiences, men, sex, music w/ DJs Cyril Cortez, Gorkem Han, and Little Nemo in rotation.
Between Les Halles and Etienne Marcel, a sensational new bar!
MercrediX Paname

August 7, 2019, 6pm-12am at Le Paname, 15 rue Pierre Lescot. Discover the new central HQ to cool off at the weekly every-Wednesday after-work cocktail hour. Fries, fingerfoods and handsome guys on the menu! See Mercredix/Vendredix.
Votre Rendez-vous estival au Gibus - Tous les Samedis de l’été
GIBUS Summer Club #5

August 10, 2019, midnight-10am. Every summer Saturday queer dance party - 8 events - as different as eclectic. This week featuring music by DJs Inshane, Eversend, and Wickey. Entry 20€ at the door.
Des verres, des amis et des jolis garçons pour des soirées only good vibes
Woopiii c'est mercredi! Summer Vacation until August 28th

August 28, 2019, 8pm-2am Wednesdays returning from summer break. Woopiii c'est toujours des jolis garçons. La nuit des Follivores-Crazyvores, crazier than ever on 2 floors in the heart of the Marais. Resident DJs, good vibes; drinks; get together, sing, dance, laugh. Un été caniculaire ? Venez vous abriter, nous avons la clim!
Hosted by la Culottée

August 30, 2019, 9pm-7am at Glazart, 7/15 av de la Porte de la Villette. It's the love on the beach, under burning technoid rays, a big bath towel where you anticpate Subtyl, a bender + Culottee, for a torrid three-way midnight bath, cha-cha-cha! One last forbidden swim under the starry sky ... With: Céline Technorama, X1000, Z.A.N, Sina XX, Toscan Haas, AIR-ONE, and Trusspe.
It’s gonna be trash and hot. It’s gonna be glossy and naughty - FLASH COCOTTE
Flash Cocotte XXL

August 31, 2019, 6pm-7am at Dehors Brut. A 12-hr rave party at a new open-air place in a 1000 m2 wasteland, with a quality sound system. Since the Cocotte spirit advocates independence, altruism, hedonism, love, autonomy, and freedom, etc - almost anything is possible. Yes! Lineup TBA:
Hosted by La Nuit Des Follivores / Crazyvores
La Nuit des Follivores et Crazyvores+

August 31, 2019, 11pm-6am at Ekō Club, 14 rue Saint-Fiacre. New venue. Retro parties; French hits mixed with songs from years back, including international and English-language hits; crazy costumes and lots of fun for all. Mixed, mostly men of all kinds - see facebook.
Festival Pluridisciplinaire & Alternatif
Jerk Off

September 4-15, 2019, twelve days at several Paris venues including: Carreau du Temple; FGO Barbara; Point Éphèmere; and DOC! The 13th edition Festival of Queer and Alternative Cultures. Exposition, burlesque, cabaret performances, dance, films, documentaries, gallery, workshop/discussion group and live music. Wrap-up club night with DJ sets and performances. See:
Il fait sa rentrée
L'apéro des Garçons - Season 2

September 7, 2019, 6pm-1am at La Boite, 15 rue des Lombards. Date-friendly friends' place to start the weekend! Hosted by Lady Carbone + Kyssy Bang Bang. Pop music by Andrei Olariu.
Mylène Haussmann and his team
Doctor Love - Endless Summer

September 7, 2019, 11:30pm-6am at Club Haussmann, 23 rue Taitbout. Soirée Indian Summer. Dangerous liaisons, sensual looks, mind Eyes Wide Shut! A night of fantasies, dreams and hidden desires! Themed decandent club night; grandiose, visionary, hedonistic, epicurean. Pop/Remix/Club Classic, NU- DISCO, House. Special cocktails/ service bottles.Next date: Sep 21st - Disney.
Hosted by ADULT PARTY and Sexy Group - Last edition this season
Adult Party

September 7, 2019, 11:30pm-5am. COME ON, COME ALL! MORE HOT! MORE SEXY! MORE OUTRAGEOUS THAN EVEEER. SLINKY & HOT BEATS +  XXX PERFORMANCE by TBA. The returning new season party after the summer break.
Hosted by Kink me and Der gute Kommandant
Kink Me: Freaks edition

September 7, 2019, 11:30pm-6am, Bal Rock, 161 rue Montmartre. Night creatures, queers, artists, freaks, cis-genre, fetish, party-goers, marginals + sinners; binaries/ non-binaries, nuns, your sister, trans, kawaï, tattooed redheads, your mother + mine, experts and beginners, all looks and physiques, unicorns, the blind, punks, kittens, trav, your grandmother too, if she's cool!
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Seaon

September 14, 2019, 11:30pm-6am. Back from SUMMER BREAK! Curated for the non-binary - a space to engage in a creative/ innovative genderqueer universe; a community for Gen Zs and Millennials who dare to be unique - by founder/ curator Lyne Zein. 2 FLOORS/ 2 ROOMS! Dance to the beats of: EMMANUEL CAUREL, REMAIN, PATRICK VIDAL, and EDDIE MEGRAOUI.
BIG is back! Enfin plutôt l’AQUABIG! - Hosted by RedWolf
AquaBIG Paris at Aquaboulevard

September 28, 2019, 7:30pm-6am, Aquaboulevard de Paris, 4, rue louis Armand. AQUABIG at the largest indoor waterpark in France w/ DJs MOR AVRAHAMI, KINGSTONE, THIAGO OLIVEIRA, DORIAN M, and TEDDY J. Plus LE BIG SHOW w/ gogo dancers, special effects, lights + video show. Soyez BIG!
Mylène Haussmann and his team

September 29, 2019, 8pm-1:30am, at Les Planches, 40 rue du Colisée. The SUN Tea Dance Club w/ Karaoké. Brighten your evening with interesting people, vintage records, random discoveries, pop classics. Mingle memories with discs recalling another time. Freedom, sweet Folie, Karaoke Club. Mojitos, wine, cocktails, shots - wide selection of elixirs of joy, generously served.
48th Annual
Festival d'Automne à Paris 2019

September through December, 2019 - annual festival of theater, performance art, music, dance, visual arts and film; contemporary arts, embracing and combining different art forms. To feature portraits of choreographers Merce Cunningham and La Ribot, plus the second part of the portrait of composer Claude Vivier w/ highlight devoted to director Frank Castorf. Full program in May:
New DJs and talents + always massive productions
Matinée Paris Opening New Season

October 5, 2019, 11:30pm-6:30am. The new season of Matinée Paris will definitely blow your mind! Line-up and theme TBA - save the date!
International photography fair
Paris Photo 2019

November 7-10, 2019, at the Grand Palais, Avenue Winston-Churchill. 19th-century, modern, & contemporary photography from the world's greatest galleries and editors. See website for more details and to keep up to date with all the latest trends in fine art photography and visual arts all year long at:
Cheries - Cheris
Festival de Films Gay & Lesbiens de Paris

Late November, 2019. The 25th annual LGBT film festival at Mk2 Beaubourg + Mk2 Quai de Loire - 8 days of the best international LGBTQ films - over 60 feature films and programs of short films. See their website for details about films and screening times:
Annual international Bear Pride & rendezvous in Paris
Bear Pride | Monsieur Ours 2020 | Mister Bear Contest

Late May, 2020. Annual five-day bears & bear-lovers rendezvous, organized by Les Ours de Paris, the paris bear association. Bear Pride - five days of fun, friendship, pleasure; Saturday night Monsieur Ours 2019 election; many events at Bear's Den, 6 rue des Lombards and other clubs. See full program:
Music in the streets
La Fête de la Musique 2019

June 21, 2019, annual Summer Solstice evening of music: solos or groups, on corners, in shop doors, public places, marching, dancing, or running as they play, through downtown Paris. Music & percussion of most every nation & subculture in a smorgasbord of sound & song.
Depuis plus de 40 ans - La Marche des Fiertés
Pride France

Late June, 2020, annual SAT 2-9pm Pride march and events around town wrap up two weeks of events (la Quinzaine des fiertés) beginning in mid-June. Leaves Tour Montparnasse for place de la Bastille (or place de la République) rally. Schedule online. Up to half a million people come to march and party each year.
La Fête Nationale
Bastille Day

Annual July 14th celebration, National Day of France. In Paris many events mark the holiday, including parade with the pomp of a state event, followed by fireworks. The date is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the most symbolic event in the birth of modern France.