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Gay Bern

Dance, performance & music club

Restaurant, arts and music venue. See their ongoing events on their website:
Weisst Du von einem Anlass im Raum Bern, der noch nicht in unserer Agenda ist?
GayBern Events Listings

Up to date daily LGBT events listings for Bern and surrounding areas, in German, for current and next month: parties, film screenings, cultural and pride events; webpage links for events and their sponsors.
Tuesday & Friday Film Club at Kino Kunstmuseum

Monthly Tuesday and Friday night gay film screenings at Kino Kunstmuseum, Schwanengasse 9.  See their website for whats coming up next:
QUEER-CINEMA: Anything is possible at night. Between brothers
UNCUT - Brüder der Nacht - Brothers of the Night

May 23-24, 2017, TUE 8:30pm, WED 6:30pm, Kino Rex Kunstmuseum. Soft boys by day, kings by night. A group of young Bulgarian Roma come to Vienna for freedom and a quick buck, selling sex to lonely older men, wearing leather jackets like suits of armour. Being together comforts them, so far from home, but the nights are long and unpredictable. OV Bulgarian/German.
Seit 1992 Jahren sorgen wir für Partystimmung im schwul-lesbischen Bern
House of Tolerdance - Golden Tolerdance

May 27, 2017 + 4th Saturdays/month (usually) - 10pm at ISC, Neubrückstrasse 10, Bern. Gay and lesbian dance party. This month: Strictly European Sound with DJs Ludwig + Core. CHF 15. For next event see:
LGBT Ballroom Dancing
Rainbow Dancer: TanzBAR meets Popshop

June 1, 2017, 8pm TanzBAR meets Popshop. Usually second Saturday each month, September-June at TanzBAR/ Frauenraum. On summer break for July and August. Standard Ballroom and Latin music dancing for LGBT men, women and friends. Also Line Dancing and other styles, plus occasional Popshop/ standard and Latin music. See their website for details. Entry 12 CHF.
Die österreichische Filmemacherin Monja Art erzählt in ihrem Spielfilmdebüt
Uncut: SIEBZEHN | Seventeen

June 13-14, 2017, TUE 8:30pm, WED 6:30pm, Kino Rex Kunstmuseum. Set in rural Austria, in the final hot humid weeks before school breaks up for summer, Paula is very attracted to her classmate Charlotte, who is together with Michael. Meanwhile self-indulgent Lilly constantly provokes Paula to overstep the bounds. German language OV.
Ein 17-Jähriger sucht in einer wichtigen Lebensphase nach Orientierung/Identität
Uncut: Die Mitte der Welt - Center of My World

June 27-28, 2017, TUE 8:30pm, WED 6:30pm, Kino Rex Kunstmuseum. Phil, seventeen, has a twin sister (Dianne), a best friend (Kat), a slightly crazy mother (Glass), and constantly changing male sex partners. He falls in love with Nicholas, the new kid at school. The story focuses less on his homosexuality than on difficulties of everyday life, and the influence of Tereza, an older mentor.
LGBT Open-Air Festival at Bundesplatz

September 2, 2017 (TBC), from 5:30pm in Bundesplatz, Bern. The 6th annual LGBTQ festival, with live entertainment, DJs, dance parties and performances. See website for more info.
Carnival in Bern
Bärner Fasnacht

February 15-17, 2018. Third largest Swiss event of its kind, begins as bear in the Prison Tower is woken from hibernation by "Ychüblete" drumming and released. Costumed revelers parade 6 km in Old Town as Guggenmusik-Cliques bands play. See Fasnacht.
LGBTI Film Festival Bern
Queersicht 2017

Early November, 2017 (TBC). Seven day festival. Concerts, drag shows, social events. Highlights of "queer cinema", not otherwise seen in "normal" movies; includes short films, feature films & documentaries. "Best Short Film Audience Award" pink glasses will be presented. See website for films and screening venues.