Language: Indonesian (official) and countless regional languages

Climate: Indonesia is a warm place. It has two seasons, rainy and dry, both of which are relative (it still rains during the dry season, it just rains less). While there is significant regional variation, in most of the country (including Java and Bali) the dry season is April to October, while the wet season is November to March.

Time Zone: Western Indonesian Time, Central Indonesian Time and Eastern Indonesian Time

International phone code: 62

Currency: Indonesian rupiah

Capital: Jakarta

Transportation: The major international airports are Soekarno-Hatta at Tangerang, Banten, near Jakarta, Ngurah Rai at Denpasar, Bali and Juanda at Surabaya, East Java. Ferries connect Indonesia with Singapore and Malaysia. The only rapid means of long-distance travel within Indonesia is by plane. The largest domestic carriers are state-owned Garuda and private competitor Lion Air, plus low-cost competitors, including Indonesia Air Asia, Batavia Air, Mandala and many more. Indonesia is made up of islands and consequently ferries have long been the most popular means of inter-island travel. Java by far has the best railway network, with trains connecting the capital city of Jakarta with other main cities, such as Bandung, serviced by some 30 trains per day.

Gay India:

Indonesia's gay and lesbian movement is one of the oldest and largest in Southeast Asia, and the country does have a reputation for being a relatively moderate and tolerant Muslim nation. There are some LGBT people in the media and the national government has allowed a discrete LGBT community to exist and even organize public events. While Indonesia has allowed private and consensual sexual relations between persons of the same sex since 1993 (the age of consent for homosexuals is 18, a year older than heterosexuals), the conservative Islamic social mores tend to dominate within the broader society, and more than 50 regions have enacted Sharia Law. Based on the Koran, Sharia Law applies only to Muslim residents and criminalizes homosexuality.