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Gay Taipei


Occasional party nights at G.Star, B1F, 23, Longjiang Rd, Zhongshan. Saturdays or Wednesdays, plus additional special night night gay dance parties with go-go boys and shows. See updates at:
Weekend Dance Parties for Women
TABOO 發紅包 Party

Fridays or Saturdays, 11pm-5am dance parties at Taboo, Zhongshan. LADY EMPEROR - FEEL MY HEARTBEAT dance parties for women and friends. Admission charge and door policy: Every boy admitted must be accompanied by two girls. WED/THU/SUN Lounge Nights. See Facebook events page, and/or:
4 Days 5 Main Parties 1 After Party & 1 Parade
Formosa Pride 2020 遊行趴趴趴

October 30 - November 1, 2020. Parade floats, three-night music parties, WOOF bear music party, after party - all at Taipei’s largest performance hall with the best sound system and lighting effects, ensuring an awesome experience during Pride week. Past year featured Black Ball, White Party, After White, Woof Bear, and CamoSurvivor.
Hosted by DJ CROSS CUTZ and Triangle
Halloween at Triangle

October 30, 2020, 10pm-4am. Nothing is scarier than an open bar from 10pm-12am at Triangle for Halloween. DRESS: Casual. 12:30am COSTUME COMPETITION prizes (NT$3000). Singles and groups are invited. DJs TBA.
The biggest LGBT Pride event in Asia
Taiwan Pride 2020

October 31, 2020. Tens of thousands of people parade on Saturday from Taipei City Hall, 1pm on Ketagalan Boulevard
, (Zhongzheng District) through the city, plus many after-parties and special events including Friday, Saturday and Sunday night dance parties. See updates at:
Come celebrate the most wonderful night of the year with us
BH! Halloween Pride Disco Party

October 31, 2020, 10pm-4am. Theme park: Apocalyptic Disco. Have both Taipei Pride + Halloween Festival with Sexy Guys + Drag Queens, Costumes and Music. W/ Indie-electronic pioneer, Sonia Calico as Music Palace Goddess. Surreal Stage Halloween spirits, Omi, KAI, Sonia Calico, Böbby Lin, GB Pride Boys, Gogo Boy André, Eason, Touya, Henry and creative artists, Kahlan + Byron.
Hosted by Fairy, The Below and 周百利
FAIRY: Little Angel of Love 愛的小天使

November 13, 2020, 11pm. Annual Singles Amusement Park Gathering Point Giveaway of exchanging your contact information with strangers! Meet new people and exchange ideas! There are also many prizes up for grabs, for you to take home!
We Will Be Rocking Out The House
Latin Night at Carnegies

November 14, 2020, 11pm at Carnegie's Taipei. All Your Favorite Latin Tunes All Night + Drink Specials All Night Long, including Don Ernesto Tequila Shots. See You On The Dance Floor with Latino Taiwan DJs Don Ernesto + 們.
Weekend Dance Parties for Women

November 20-21 + 27-28, 2020. Every FRI + SAT night. Let's get you guys started! LADY EMPEROR - FEEL MY HEARTBEAT dance parties for women and friends. Admission charge and door policy: Every boy admitted must be accompanied by two girls. WED/THU/SUN Lounge Nights. Next: Dec 4-5, 11-12....
Doomsday Confessions: Biodiversity Bar Tour Stop 2
Fairy: Last Call 她的末日告白:生物多樣性酒吧巡迴 第二站

November 27 - December 5, 2020. Left Brain Creativity, Taiwan Environmental Information Association + Fairy Taipei present Flow Boy Cultural Technology Studio Deep Yeh/ MIXTAG Mixer, Bicycle, Tang Feng, Jin-Yuan Ke, Lee Ming-tsung, Jingsheng Dong, Bailey Zhou, Voice show, and DJs Little Tree + Autumn waves.
The 11th Annual Event in South Taiwan
Kaohsiung Pride Parade 高雄同志大遊行

November 28, 2020. Saturday 1:30pm from Kaohsiung Cultural Center (No.67, Wufu 1st Rd, Lingya), along Wufu 1st Rd, to Central Park, then Zhoungshan 1st Rd to Formosa Blvd, and Zhongzheng 3rd Rd/ 2nd Rd back to the Center. Followed by Rainbow Market. Women's After Party - see below:
A Joint Tour of Live House, Taipei - Hosted by 走石, PIPE Live Music
The Buddha Song Festival - The Great Tragedy - Taipei City Live House Joint Tour

November 28, 2020, 6pm. In Wenro Township, full of cheap romance, wild games, rational school districts and violence, hippie strawberry people gather in a Buddhist sanctuary, thinking the cultivation of Buddhism would keep them steadfast. Instead they worry about choosing blue or red pills, not reality. In Zion, there is no machine enemy, only Great Compassion Tribe sorrow + happiness.
A World of Wonders - Fitness, Fantasy & Fun
Aniki November-January Events

November 28, 2020, 7pm FOAM Party; Nov 29 Black+Burst Party. Nov 30 MIST Party. Every SUNDAY Black+Burst Parties; MONDAYs MIST Parties; TUESDAYs FUN Parties; WEDNESDAYs HUNK Parties; THURSDAYs YIN Parties; FRIDAYs YANG X COOL Parties. SAT 12/12 INCEPTION Party; 12/5+19 GYM; 12/26 FOAM Party.
Hosted by Rainbow Thursday& Brickyard 高雄同志大遊行官方續攤派對
PRIDE Saturday - 2020 KH pride parade official After Party

November 28, 2020, 9pm-3am at Brickyard, Kaohsiung. The most FABULOUS rainbow event now has a Saturday version. Featuring DJs Matthew (aka MOTB), Kreamer, and Puama. Gorgeous DRAG QUEEN performances!
Hosted by Café Dalida and CUM-Create Ur Mmmagic Drag Labs
DragLabs - Club Kids 夜總會肖婆

November 28, 2020, 9-10pm. A vibrant drag bar where you can watch/ enjoy stellar drag shows by fierce queens. A great ambience to strut and sashay every Friday and Saturday. This Saturday: DragLabs Club Kids hosted by talented queens Taipei Popcorn, Nymphia Wind 妮妃雅, Rafaela, LOLi-Licious, Flair, and oyana-kaona.
Kaohsiung's Famous Weekly Gay Night is Back! Hosted by Brickyard 紅磚地窖
Rainbow Thursday 彩虹星期四

November 28 + December 3, 10, 17, 24, 2020, 10pm-3am at Brickyard Club in Kaohsiung (507 B1 Jhongshan 2nd Rd). LGBT weekly dance parties. Gogo boys. Two for one cocktails before midnight. Fried snacks. Rainbow Saturday LGBT dances with DJs Puama + Matthew a.k.a. MOTB, Kreamer.
AnikiGroup Parties
Black & Burst Party

November 29 - December 27, 2020, every SUNDAY, 4-6pm Black + Burst lights out pitch dark fun. Dec 1-29 - Fun Party - Don’t be shy, no place to hide! Cabins closed. Dec 12 - Jul 31, 7pm - Inception - One part hot guys, one part greasy lube. Soak yourself in the pool and make a wish! Sure to end in a hot sticky mess. Dec 5 - Aug 7, 12-2pm - Thank You Day Special 1st SAT every month.
Complimentary bottle of sparkling wine if you pre-book
KTV Night / 卡拉ok之夜

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2020, 8pm-2am. Every Tuesday. Sing any song, in any language at Taipei's biggest Karaoke night! Round up a bunch of friends to spend the night singing - the best way to relax. With Mariah's range or can't hold a note? There's a song for you!  Non-performers kick back and enjoy the music, play ping pong or beer pong free of charge.
Hosted by COSMIC WORM, PIPE Live Music and The Server 伺服器文化
Element VIII - Bhags 01 | 第八元素-巴格斯 01

December 5, 2020, 11pm. Bagels is a surreal dream park that has to be met by eight sound waves, and all the impossible surprises will happen here. Featuring: Amazing Energy, BARFLY, BIG, FORMULATION, JACKE, MOUSE, PER, PIRAT, and SPIKE. New rules for healthy living: bring ID with real name; wear face masks; alcohol disinfection and body temperature test.
Hosted by Fairy and Roller Coaster Zhu
Fairy: Kiki Ball Vol.2 - Post Apocalyptic 浩劫重生

December 19, 2020, 10pm. Crazy 2020 mix ups/downs. Approaching the end, move forward in hope.... Ditch pain and sorrow, irrigate the Fairy, it's Christmas at the Oasis. Dress code: Havoc Reborn! Category Runway OTA: Drag Realness. Vogue performance: Old Way vs New Way. Vogue femme: MF,FF. Sex siren OTA Judges: Vivi, Agan, and Desiré Storm. Host: Roller Coaster. DJ Baozi.
FairyLand Moon Fairy Project, PIPE Live Music & Miracle Festival
Psychedelic New Year 2021

December 31, 2020, 9pm. Experience a Psychedelic New Year 2021 this last day of 2020, a Fantastic Psychedelic Trance music night! Dance for beautiful world. See in the New Year with love and a smile in this amazing FairyLand. LINE UP 新年豐盛邀約: DUCKIE (USA), KOALA (Taiwan), MOUSE (Taiwan), PSYFROG (Thailand), SONIYA (Taiwan), THEENDTONE (Costa Rica), and XEMITONE (South Africa).
The 7th annual TIQFF VIVA celebrating the lives of queer people
TIQFF | Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

February, 2021. Films highlighting queer issues/ establishing a platform for dialogue through queer film with screenings throughout Taiwan. See their FB page for program/schedule.