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Gay Blackpool

Blackpool Illuminations:

When the beach season is done, the Blackpool Illuminations provide another reason to visit this enchanting seaside town. Over six miles of the Blackpool Promenade is lit up with more than one million light bulbs, neon, fiber optics, lasers, and searchlights into more than 500 scenic designs, moving images, and 3D light sculptures.
Blackpool Tower:

The 1676-foot tall Blackpool Tower was built in 1894 to consciously mimic Paris’ then-new Eiffel Tower and has endured as a popular tourist attraction since. Its peak can be seen from as far away as Liverpool and the view from the observation deck is incredible. The base of the tower contains the Blackpool Circus, Aquarium, Ballroom, and a number of other attractions on its first several levels before you reach the glass elevator to the top.
Pleasure Beach Blackpool:

Pleasure Beach boasts that it’s Britain’s largest amusement park, including the original Roller Coaster which gave all subsequent coasters their name. It’s also home to Britain’s tallest coaster, The Big One, which is more than 200 feet tall. Also of interest in the park are the many Art Deco buildings that house the permanent indoor attractions and ticket booths.
Seaside cruising:

From Talbot Square cross to the sea-front. Follow the "Middle Walk" path to the right, behind the War Memorial, between the Promenade and Lower Walk, for about a mile. People head for the more private Lower Walk after hooking up. Watch for rising tides that can cut you off from the return. Weekend summer evenings are busiest, all-ages, all kinds of guys. Police usually around to ward off bashers rather than harrass gay men.

Around Pleasure Beach in South Blackpool, sand dunes near Starr Gate opposite an old holiday camp site are popular in summertime, but cruising and nude sunbathing are discouraged by police.

The Piers:

The three Blackpool Piers – North, Central, and South – are the main attraction along the beach. Each extends out into the calm waters of the sea almost perpendicular to the straight coastline, and contains attractions and amusements like carnival games and rides, plus pubs, restaurants and shopping. A 100-foot Ferris wheel is the most visible attraction on the Central Pier, while the South Pier includes such thrills as: the Skyscreamer, a reverse bungee; the Skycoaster, a 120-foot freefalling swing; and Maxibounce, a safety-harnessed acrobatic trampoline.