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Gay Bern

Dance, performance & music club

Restaurant, arts and music venue. See their ongoing events on their website:
Weisst Du von einem Anlass im Raum Bern, der noch nicht in unserer Agenda ist?
GayBern Events Listings

Up to date daily LGBT events listings for Bern and surrounding areas, in German, for current and next month: parties, film screenings, cultural and pride events; webpage links for events and their sponsors.
Tuesday & Friday Film Club at Kino Kunstmuseum

Monthly Tuesday and Wednesday night gay film screenings at Kino Kunstmuseum, Schwanengasse 9.  See their website for whats coming up next:
Milk bar at Frauenraum
Die Milchbar - On Hold

Last Wednesdays, 7pm. The place for LGBT/ intersex/ asexual in between and outside young people. Come with friends or alone for the opportunity to meet other young, differently sexual people for an evening of discussion + drinks + pop bingo by the well-known drag queen Mona Gamie (Zurich). Come and bring your friends! Admission is free.
Hosted by King Kong and Gaskessel Bern
King Kong Party - On Hold

First Saturdays, 10pm-5am. Get the gas boiler boiling again, dancing to the greatest hits of all time until early morning hours in the capital. Ages 16+ plus are welcome. (Fur stays outside, alive in the wild). An open and tolerant society is what we celebrate with you and your friends. FB
Frauen kochen für Frauen
Frauenbeiz Bern - On Hold

Second Mondays, 7:30pm at Villa Bernau. A meeting place for women to eat and drink; also chat, exchange ideas and hold cultural events. Motto: Women cook for women. All women are welcome, whether alone or in a group. We look forward to cooking for you! Or you can help us too, just get in touch with us, helpers are always very welcome.
Every 4th Saturday of each month

May 22, 2021, 11pm at Turnhalle, Speichergasse 4. Every 4th Saturday gay dance and drag nights. GOLDEN TOLERDANCE with DJs Ludwig & Corey. June 26, Elektro Tolerdance w/ DJs PCB & Guest playing Disco to Techno dance tracks.
Happy Wednesday
Der Fröhliche Mittwoch

June 9, 2021, 6:30pm, Restaurant Bahnhof Weissenbühl, Chutzenstrasse 30. Discussions, politics + philosophy: The focus of the regulars' table for the young at heart is conviviality. A monthly meeting next to Bern Weissenbühl station. No registration required. Hosts for hab queer bern: Martin Fröhlich, Fabian Jeker and Daniel Frey. Next: July 14; August 4.
Der queere Treffpunkt für alle

June 16, 2021, 6:30pm. Third Wednesday community dinner at Villa Bernau, Köniz. Aperitif bar/ 7:30pm dining. Conversations + delicious food. At most 3-course evenings, people with similar interests gather at regulars' tables. At other tables you will always find room. Just sit down. One price for 3-course menu (unless otherwise stated): CHF 28. Next: July 21; August 18.
Der Platz in Thun für Queers - We live community!
Queer Square

June 19, 2021, 7pm. Unique, queer series of events with music, bar/ varied program. Perform, laugh, chat, flirt, play, celebrate, dance, dream, inspire, discuss, challenge, challenge, support, experiment, learn, surprise, rest, enjoy, eat.... A place for queers + friends of all ages to meet casually. Queer/ diverse lesbian, gay, bi, trans, inter, gray-ace drag. Next: July 23.
LGBTI Film Festival Bern
Queersicht 2021 Bern

November 4-10, 2021. Seven day festival at Kellerkino + Kino Rex, Bern. Concerts, drag shows, social events. Highlights of "queer cinema", not otherwise seen in "normal" movies; includes short films, feature films & documentaries. "Best Short Film Audience Award" pink glasses will be presented. See website for films and screening venues.
Carnival in Bern
Bärner Fasnacht

March 3-5, 2022. Third largest Swiss event of its kind, begins as the bear in the Prison Tower is woken from hibernation by "Ychüblete" drumming and released. Costumed revelers parade 6km in Old Town as Guggenmusik-Cliques bands play. Next: Feb 23-25, 2023. See Fasnacht.