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Other Destinations in Germany

Gay Dresden

Cinema Screenings On Hold
Queerfilmnacht Dresden - Online

Monthly screenings of LGBTQ films from around the world, in Dresden at Kino im Dach, Schandauer Strasse 64 and also in 19 other German cities - in the film's original language, with German subtitles. SCREENINGS resume September through May after the Summer months break.
Gay party for boys + friends back after Summer Break
BOYTOX - On Hold

Third Saturdays, 11pm-5am. POPLOUNGE CHARTS/ POP/ RnB/ HOUSEGARAGE/ HOUSE/ ELECTRO/ MINIMAL by six DJs on two floors. Underground DARKROOM. FREE SHOTS + SWEETS. Topless animation, free shots + sweets. FB
Queerfilmfestival Screening - A closeted teenager explores his sexual identity
Minjan, by Eric Steel

Now online. In the Russian Jewish community of Brighton Beach a yeshiva student discovers clues to his sexuality in a most unlikely place, moving in with his widowed grandfather. As boys his age try to pick up girls, he is left awkwardly alone. With cues for queer audiences to pick up on, other men check out the boy, before his ecstatic loss of virginity to one of them.
Queerfilmnacht: Toxic masculinity in Apartheid-era South Africa
Moffie, by Oliver Hermanus

Now online. In 1981, like all white young men, Nicholas Van der Swart must serve two years in the military, defending against communists, perverts and black people. That Nicholas is gay must remain a secret, as any moffie found among the troops is brutally harassed. But then, falling in love with fellow soldier Dylan, Nicholas finds he is now one of the deviants.
Queerfilmnacht: all month online screenings
Sister My Sister, by Nancy Meckler

Now online. Christine and her sister Lea are servants for Madame Danzard and her daughter Isabelle. The rules are clear: do chores in silence, make no mistakes and take half Sunday off. Enduring all humiliations to stay close, they become ever more physical in their garret seclusion. When a blouse is accidentally burned the sisters, threatened with being exposed, commit murder.
The Dresden City Festival - "Living traditions"
CANALETTO – Das Dresdner Stadtfest - Lebendige Traditionen

August 20-22, 2021. Germany's largest open-air party will be putting the city into the mood to celebrate. A big jubilee on the occasion of the 815th city birthday - Dresden will be getting all dressed up and feature highlights of music, show, theater, gastronomy and plenty of jubilee surprises. A magical August weekend at 15 locations and on 9 stages. See details:
Annual international LGBT film festival

September 1-5, 2021. At cinema: Futur Drei, by Faraz Shariat; Port Authority, by Danielle Lessovitz; Are We Lost Forever, by David Färdmar; Baby Jane, by Katja Gauriloff. Films online: Gleichung mit einem Unbekannten by Dietrich de Velsa; Bohnenstange, by Kantemir Balagov; Neubau, by Johannes M. Schmit; Benjamin, by Simon Amstell; Adam by Rhys Ernst; Moffie by Oliver Hermanus; more:
Queerfilmfestival Screenings - Wild. Lesbisch. Helsinki!
Baby Jane, by Katja Gauriloff

September 1-5, 2021, online all month. Soon after completing school, nineteen year-old Jonna leaves her small town life behind for the capital, Helsinki. LIfe in the big city is good, until one night after leaving a gay bar she is attacked by a male stranger. Saved by Piki, a 30-year-old butch woman, Jonna discovers she's fallen in love with her saviour.
Queerfilmfestival Screenings
Are We Lost Forever, by David Färdmar

September 1-5, 2021. Hampus and Adrian split up from a long-term relationship. Hampus is relieved: hurt and disappointed by his ex all too often. But Adrian grieves deeply, not knowing how to go on. Even after both find new partners, he cannot forget the love of his life. Swedish director David Färdmar shows shards of a broken relationship and quiet hopes for new beginnings.
Trans-Parenting in Denmark
Queerfilmfestival: A Totally Normal Family, by Malou Reymann

September 1-5, 2021. Eleven-year-old Emma had always thought of her family as being like everyone else's - until her father Thomas outed himself, declaring he wanted to live as a woman. As Thomas became ever more elegantly dressed, the relationship between them changes - leading Emma to understand that sometimes change can be the most normal aspect of human affairs.
The 28th annual Christopher Street Day
CSD Dresden 2021

September 3, 2021. An abbreviated version of usual celebrations that include: films, theater, music, street festival, workshops, CSD Straßenfest demonstration and parade, Altstadt + Neustadt rallies and Rainbow Brunch (Regenbogenbrunch) at Altmarkt. See updates at:
Oldest Christmas fair in Germany
Dresden Striezelmarkt

November 25 - December 24, 2021, 10am-9pm at Altmarkt. The 587th year! With over 100 events incuding the Stollen Festival. Mulled wine and Christmas music, cakes, candied apples, sugar doughnuts, traditional arts & crafts, and more....
Dresden's bakers and pastry makers celebrate their Dresdner Christstollen
Dresden Stollenfest

December, 2021 (TBC), Saturday 9:30am-3pm. Hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world for a 24-year tradition each Saturday before second Sunday of Advent, when the city pays homage to this popular Christmas delicacy with a giant stollen. Festive stage programme, visiting VIPs, plus a colorful parade from Schloßplatz to the Striezelmarkt.