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Gay Budapest

!TAPE - Straight-Friendly Queer Clubbing

In the heart of the city, Friday nights at AnKERT Klub, Paulay Ede utca 33. No admission charge. Terrace, cloakroom, lounge, dance hall. Two DJ's, nu-disco, deep house, indie, pop. Music from 9pm, dance most likely from 11.30pm. Crowd is mixed, mainly 20-35 y.o. Hungarian gay guys. No dress code, no basement, no excuse!
Bears, cubs, muscle bears and hairy wonders
Budapest Bears' Events

Ongoing events for bears and friends at Magnum Sauna, Csepregy utca 2, Action Club, Magyar utca 42 and WhyNot Cafe, Belgrád rakpart 9 and more. See the websites for updates throughout the year.
Inependent Art Gallery & Community Events Space

Ongoing lectures, gallery shows, film screenings and workshops recent included: Awakening: Political Theatre Workshop by Melike Futtu; Awakening / Visual feast and performance sessions; Artist is present at Sorry I Gave Birth; FERi DVD-zik: Woman at War; Gáldi Vinkó Andi_Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now; FERi DVD-zik: Dr Valerie Steele, A Queer History of Fashion.
Dance-pop party for the hippest queers and their friends, once a month!
Women on Women

September through May events, 11pm-5am, Toldi Klub, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.  WOW monthly 18+ LGBT party pop dance party for the hippest queers and friends. LOVE/ SEX/ MAGIC Pop music, great sound system, DJ Mórocz. Face control at the door. Entry: 1500 HUF.
Hosted by Pursuit of acid
Pursuit of acid XIII - Phara - LÄRM

February 22, 2020, 11pm-6am. Another Budapest debut. Give a warm welcome to Phara - a kid of the 90s whose music breathes in industrial chaos and exhales warehouse vibes - with a sound so powerful, dense and direct his career has taken off by storm. With complete freedom of the floor to three different selectors: Phara, AGA2L and Mankind. This one is going to get tough!
Hosted by Lost In Techno and TOLDI
Lost In Techno - Queer Techno Night

February 29, 2020, 11:30pm-5am. Queer Techno dance club night with DJs NIEDER - All Night Long.
Hosted by Gaga Budapest and VIBE - Csütörtök/ Thursday
Spice of Gaga by VIBE - Best of '90s & '00s

March 5, 2020, 6pm-4am. Bringing back the forgotten pink misty soap bubble atmosphere of the 1990s and 2000s! Come for the best pop + disco hits played by DJ Xoxo until dawn! 18+ free entry.Music: Pop. 18+ entry free.
Cruise the Labyrinth or enjoy the strong hands of our masseurs
Magnum Sauna, March-April

Every FRI+SUN 10pm Dark+Naked nights. Mar 5 + May 7, 8pm Slave night. Mar 7 + Apr 4, 7pm Pizza Party. Mar 19 + Apr 16, 9pm C*mUnion Party.  Coming up: May 23, 8pm Magnum Birthday Party. See more:
Short documentary film on queer resistance in Budapest's underground nightlife
Every Party Matters - Screening and Discussion

March 6, 2020, 5:30-7pm at Central European University, Nador u. 9. Follows the two co-founders of OMOH music collective, Alexandr and Peter, organizing queer-centered parties in a country that is largely hostile to sexual minorities. Breaking the taboo around discussing the topic, and giving voice to queer organizers to tell their own story of navigating the Budapest nightlife scene.
Hosted by Why Not Budapest
Karaoke Party + KaraoKedd + Bingo

March 6 - April 24, 2020, 10pm-3am every Friday in March and April. Come in and choose your favorite song from the best known music! Grab the microphone and sing until dawn at Why Not! Also: March 10 - April 28, 10pm-midnight every Tuesday KaraoKedd; and March 11 - April 29, 10pm-midnight every Wednesday Bingo. See more dates at:
Csatlakozz zártkörű csoportunkhoz!
Oops POSE - Eternal Divas' Night

March 6, 2020, 10pm-4am at Gaga. Friday Queer houseparty for all kind of loves. With music by DJs Xoxo + Zsolo - Pop, RnB, Dance, and Slay. FB
Légy részese te is a Gaga különleges showjának
Gaga Queer Showtime & Disco

March 7-28, 2020, every Saturday in March, 10:30pm Showtime, 11pm Dance Club with DJ Mizztake. Be a part of Gaga's special show and get dragged into the circus, theater and drag world. After the show, the party goes until dawn! Performers: Daniel Milan/ vogue, Krajnyak Norbert/ pole dance, Elona Musk/ drag, Unique Alip/ drag, Balogh bence/ high heel dancing.
Dance till ur dead - Hosted by WOW and TOLDI
Women on Women - Best of the 2010s

March 7, 2020, 11pm-5am, at Toldi. Best of the decade dance-pop party for the hippest queers and their friends, once a month! Only one minute on foot from Batthyány Square (Batthyány tér) walking along on the quay. Dangerous queer girlz and boyoz dancing till dawn to the hippest pop hits of all time. 18+ to enter. DJs Mettyu + Mizztake.
Celebrating dance music as a rallying cry for those on the margins...
OMOH XTRA w/Josh Caffe (UK)

March 7, 2020, 11pm-5am at Ambient, Múzeum körút 41. WE PREACH TECHNOSEXUAL LIBERATION for queerdos & all freaks. WORSHIP with Chemically accelerated non-reproductive clubbing DJs: Josh Caffe (London) + Alexandr + Zora. Ghetto tech, acid house and techno. Radical love + reactionary freedom. Fuck the norms - act abnormal - we keep dancing! After Party.
DEMAND TECHNOSEXUAL LIBERATION! for queerdos & all freaks

March 8, 2020, 5am-12pm. A sex positive and gender inclusive space. ALL GENDERS WELCOME Just do your thing! Play safe! DJs Alexandr + Kali + Zora. Nudity is greatly encouraged but not mandatory, keep as much clothing on as you feel comfortable. ENTRY with OMAH WRISTBAND ONLY. It's your body, don't be shy! To use the Jacuzzi or sauna be naked, or bring swimwear.
DJs Daniel Dash, Nieder and Miparty play tech-house, house, and disco
Garçons XXL - Double Pleasure Special Edition

March 14, 2020, 11pm-5am, Akvárium Klub, 12 Erzsébet tér. Double the pleasure with two separate dance floors. In Akvárium KisHallban party to wild beats of house, techhouse, and pop goddesses. Surrender to the glitter w/ Pop by Hello and Show by ALEXX (Paris), MEDUSA, RAYCO and ZILIO.
Catherine Gaudet in an effort to dig beneath social masks
The Fading of the Marvelous

March 19-20, 2020. Exploring the life-giving impulse driving humanity; the obsessive cycles of endless recurrences, births, deaths, and rebirths. Five dancers, in a dizzying attempt to portray that which transcends us. Giving them tangible shape, Gaudet uses circular forms - spatial, internal, instinctual - as backdrop; geometric and refined, conveying a profoundly human experience.
Hosted by HELLO and TOLDI
HELLO - Queer Pop Party at Toldi Klub

March 21, 2020, 11:30pm-5am. POP IT UP FOR THE QUEENS 18+ LGBT dance night. Pop divas, QueeRebel ambassadors, dreamers and style icons - your time has come! Going deep in the past, over these past 20 years. The boys at the club pound massively to bring the past to the surface. DJ Miparty.
True Magyar hospitality
Budapest Pride | LGBTQ Festival & Parade 2020

July 4, 2020. Saturday Pride March: gather 2pm at Városliget City Park. Rainbow Party 6pm-4am at Budapest Park. Month of films, discussions, workshops, theater performances, art exhibitions, Pride + other parties, burlesque, drag shows, concerts, picnic, and more. See website below + fb page
Hosted by Budapest Pride and Budapest Park
Rainbow Party | Budapest Pride Official After Party 2020

July 4, 2020, 10pm-4am, Budapest Park, Soroksári út 60. Rainbow Party on 3 stages w/ varied music/ shows/ performers! Main: Jutyubdiszkó, Euphoria/ Humen, Garcons. Retro: Steiner Kristóf, Nimrod Dagan Madonna party, Papa don't vogue. Jungle: Mettyu + Legars.
One of Europe's largest annual music fests
Sziget Festival 2020

August 5-11, 2020 - Seven-day multi-cultural festival of music on Óbudai Island each year. Take local train (HÉV) departing from Batthyány tér. Around 1000 performances take place during the week-long festival. There are YouTube live streams if you can't make it, and an official "after movie" to be released after the event.