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Gay Portland

Portland Leather Alliance
PDX Munch

Wednesdays, 5:30-8pm, at Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery 928 SE 9th Ave, Portland. A safe and welcoming place for all to come/ interact with like minded individuals in the Portland Leather Alliance. For other everyday Munch events and Tuesday Midnight Munch nights that take place at venues all around the area each month, see the PLA website calendar link below:
The Hollywood Theatre’s
Queer Commons

Monthly at The Hollywood Theatre. A new film series created with the goal of bringing a little more queer content to the big screen. Old/ new, serious/ cheesy, the films in this series will have 3 things in common; queer content, they’re not on Netflix* and nobody dies**. *Maybe a little wiggle room on this. **Ok, main characters don’t die, won’t promise more.
By Bridgetown Trivia - hosted by Chris Stewart
Crush Trivia

Every Wednesday, 7-10pm at Crush. "Free to play! Win prizes! Feel superior! With drink specials, and our full delicious menu, of course, bring out your inner smart ass... perhaps you might win! 5 rounds, including a Picture Pages team drawing challenge, and a musical trvia round... you'll have a blast!"
Oregon Bears
Monthly Bear Events

Every Friday, 5-7pm Bears, Brews & Dinner at Fox & Hounds; Second Fridays, 4:30-7pm Happy Hour at The Local Lounge; Fourth Sundays, from 11am -1pm Bear Brunch at Fox & Hounds. See special events at their website:
Stacy Stl Lisa + Buckmaster
Club Kai Kai

Monthly events/ various venus. Living lyfe in the moment. No planned sequence of events; not a drag show. A get yourself wet, dance-heavy party, w/ impromptu drag performances. You may hear a song and perform your own drag number. Basic: Club Kai-Kai is experimentation; nightlife, performance, and gender preference. Questions? We don’t have answers; just a space for you to Kai-Kai.
Queer Community Unity - sisters, brothers, allies, and others
Blow Pony

Monthly Saturdays at Bossanova Ballroom 722 E Burnside St. "Queer Community for Bears, Barbies, Chubs, Cubs, Hawks, Cocks, Pigs, Chicken, Trannys, Queens, Kings, Daggers, Dykes, Femmes, Furries, Garden Keepers, Scum, MILF Lickers, Knob Shiners, Filth, Shirt Lifters, Cougars, Crap Stabbers, Pillow Biters, Trade + a gob of YOU!."
Monthly Folk Music & Mingle! For Members Only
LesbiOut! LesProm + Two Dykes and a Mic

Monthly events. Calling all women, trans, and gender-queer people of the LGBTQ community! New to PDX, looking to meet friends, or just craving more social excitement in your life - the group welcomes you with open arms. LesbiOut! is a fun group for anyone interested in a wide spectrum of activities; nightlife, entertainment or outdoor recreation. See info and sign up:
Synths, new wave, and pop mixed with house music beats
Unity: Lonely Hearts Club Dance - 80s Remixed!

February 15, 2020, 8pm-2am. An inclusive monthly queer party with quality dance music and a luxe appeal. That time of year again... whether you ride solo or have a sweetheart or sweethearts, let's get together with our community and enjoy dancing, good vibes, cocktails, and mocktails! A special edition with 80s remixes. DJs, artist, and performers TBA.
Anti-Valentines, Dark Hearts, Scorned Lovers, or looking for a kinky date?
DaddyBone - The Black Hearts

February 15, 2020, 9pm-2am. Don your leather, do some sexy batman brooding, and come out to party! It's a leather party, son! and we're importing some beefy booty for the stage! Sexy GoGo Daddies + Boys eager for your tip! DJs TBA. Clothing Check w/ Pants Master Moses. Huge patio perfect for CIGAR DADDIES! Austin on photo booth duty! Sexy doorman Michael! Wear some leather!
Hosted by Scandela and Crush Bar
Screen Queens: The Soundtrack

February 19, 2020, 8:30-11:30pm. Screen Queens is back with a Soundtrack! Enjoy draglesque performances based on favorite film soundtracks such as Donnie Darko and Suckerpunch.
The Drag Open Mic is back! Third Thursdays
Drag Dangerzone: A Drag Open Mic

February 20, 2020, 9-11:30pm. Back again in 2020 with theme: Love?! Hosted by Valerie DeVille and Marla Darling. Tunes by DJ Aurora PDX! See cast. Next dates: Mar 19th; Apr 16rh; May 2ist; Jun 18th...
Monthly Queer Community dance party - F*GGOTRY IS AFOOT IN THE NEW YEAR!
BlowPony! With Kornbread & Hershii Jeté!

February 22, 2020, 9pm-2am. Celebrating F*GGOTRY, FIERCENESS, F*CKERY and B*GGERY! With KORNBREAD JETÉ, HERSHII JETÉ, FLAWLESS SHADE, and ANGELICA D'VIL. DJs Airick X, Just Dave, ARSON NICKI and SVVTCH. GΔΨ A$$ Gogos NIKKI BUNZ, LEXI, SWE'T, VYE, DIESEL, CHARLEY SHARP, and GERRIN! Door Dolls: Austin Darling + Chel-Z!
Self-proclaimed anti-christ, Lolita Yayo has made herself known
The Church of Yayo: A Drag Tribute to Christeene

February 24, 2020, 8pm-12am at Church, 2600 NE Sandy Blvd. A tribute to the trash queen who paved the way for her to become who she is now, CHRISTEENE - noted for untraditional, "terrorist drag," - torn clothing, stringy matted black wigs, and heavy and smeared makeup, she aims to expose hypocrisy and intolerance. Host: Lolita Yayo. Chorales by DJ CarterUR. Performances TBA.
By Barbarella PDX - HOST Millk Daddi (LA)
Grindr EXTRA - Drag and Dance Party

February 28, 2020, 10pm-2am. Celebrate the geotracking and triangulating love machine that binds us all together! So get on Grindr, tinder, tumblr, bumbler and fumbler and invite your new boyfriend/girlfriend/themfriend for a hot night of drinking, dancing and drag! SHOWS: Ellie Allure, Iconica, Jo, Silhouette, Flawless Shade, Cody James, and Atlas. DJs New Noise. Next: March 15th, 3pm.
In Portland on the 4th ​Saturdays of each month

February 29, 2020, 6-10pm. Dance Party rush of fun/ friendly energy! Diverse mix of fun-loving women of all stripes - an entire community of women, lesbians, trans individuals, and queers come together in joy/ love/ solidarity with top 40, EDM, trip hop, hip hop + more each month. DJs Lauren + Mixtris. A dance for cis gender females/ trans-identified individuals. Next: Mar 28th; Apr 25th
Hosted by PDX Gaymers
PDX Gaymers Board Game Afternoon

February 29, 2020, noon-5:45pm at Game Knight Lounge, 3037 N Williams. Hosted by Byron. Good food, meat to Vegan! Joint event with other Meetups. Ask for Byron. No need to bring games! They have a wall full to choose from. See Library.
Featuring the Clinton Street Cabaret
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

February 29 + March 7, 21, 2020, midnight (doors 11:30pm). 40 Years of Absolute Pleasure! The Clinton Street Theater has been showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday nights since April 1978. Bring your rice, the toast, the G-String, and come on down to the longest running RHPS in the WORLD! Shadow-cast, the fabulous Clinton Street Cabaret. Next dates: Apr 18; May 2, 16, 30.
New work by some of the very best film talent of the region
46th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

March 5-19, 2020, PAM Whitsell Auditorium, Portland State U. 5th Ave Cinema + Skype Live Studio. A 5-day annual event showcase of new work by some of the very best regional film talent; snapshot of the surrounding creative community. Northwest Film Center continues to nurture the growth and success of filmmakers pushing their voices and dreams forward in new and engaging works.
Since 1977
43rd Portland International Film Festival

March 5-19, 2020. Since 1977, the Northwest Film Center’s annual showcase of new world cinema. For two weeks in February or March, the exhibition of nearly 100 feature films and 60+ short films. PIFF audiences across the City of Portland travel the globe in theater seats by way of this celebration of the world’s filmmakers and cinephiles.
Hosted by PDX Gaymers
PDX Gaymers Board Game Afternoon

March 7, 14, 21, 28, 2020, noon-5:45pm at Game Knight Lounge, 3037 N Williams. Hosted by Byron. Good food, meat to Vegan! Joint event with other Meetups. Ask for Byron. No need to bring games! They have a wall full to choose from. See games. Next: Apr 4.
Hosted by Lacy Knickers and Nick Lacy
CinemaLesque: A Burlesque Tribute to Classic Hollywood

March 7, 2020, 6:30-9pm. Wander the backlots of Vintage Movieland and share our sassy, swanky, and sizzling legendary Classic Hollywood film tributes... presented in CinemaLesque! Starring: Lily Le Fauve, Sandria Doré, Holly Dai, Kit Katastrophic, Temera Titty, Dakota Mystique, Asteria Atombomb, Bayou Bettie, and Miss Nicole. Hosted by the fabulous Lily Le Fauve!
First Saturdays - Hosted by Pants OFF Dance OFF PDX
Pants OFF Dance OFF - Leather & Lace

March 7, 2020, 8:30pm-3:30am. Bare-as-you-dare dancing w/ DJ Aurora PDX! Lots of space/ four separate areas, smoking/cool off area, dance music, cocktail specials, delicious food, two full bars. Keep ID and other necessities on your person (like in yer shoe!). A sex-positive party - not a sex party. A new home venue after Tonic Lounge closed. Next date: March 7th Leather+Lace. See:
Celebrate & explore the history of clowns of all kinds
Death of Glitter: Clown Academy

March 14, 2020, 9-11:30pm. Guest host, Sonnei. Jesters, circus clowns, tramps, rodeo clowns, Pierrot or harlequin, mimes, tricksters, sacred fools, Gender Clowns! Performers: Beelzzabub doll, Clare Apparently, Dahlia Hearts, Desperately Seeking Dede, Lolita Yayo, Loretta Good Lordchild, Mia More, Raggedy Androgeny, Sonnei/ The Haus of Of Boy: Helen of Boy, Vanta White, Desdemona Lisa.
Hosted by Tacky Wacky Inc.
Cool Dad! A Drag King Happy Hour Show

March 16, 2020, 7-9pm. A new type of show... hate Mondays, but love a good happy hour? A show to start your week, with 5 Drag Kings giving you their all-out best. This month's Kings: Jo, Captain Pack-hard, Hot Dignity, Nick Lacy, Brawny Bronson and Javier Miguel! Hosted by Wolfgang X. Music by DJ Aurora.
Hosted by Heidi Rosa Esbensen and Teddy George
Queertastic Variety Show - Bridging Voices Fundraiser

March 20, 2020, 8-11pm. A night of fun and performances of all sorts from local Queer and LGBTQ2+ folks! Comedy, Drag, singing, and more. Come out and support sending some Bridging Voices Choir youth to GALA in Minneapolis this summer. Raffles and Silent Auction are also part of the fun, so hang out and support these amazing youth! 21+ only, suggested donation at the door.
In Portland on the 4th ​Saturdays of each month

March 28, 2020, 6-10pm. Dance Party rush of fun/ friendly energy! Diverse mix of fun-loving women of all stripes - an entire community of women, lesbians, trans individuals, and queers come together in joy/ love/ solidarity with top 40, EDM, trip hop, hip hop + more each month. DJs Lauren + Mixtris. A dance for cis gender females/ trans-identified individuals. Next: Apr 25th
Monthly Queer Community dance party - F*GGOTRY IS AFOOT
BlowPony! 13yrs

March 28, 2020, 9pm-3am. Celebrating 13yrs of F*GGOTRY, FIERCENESS, F*CKERY and B*GGERY! With performances and DJs TBA.
Hosted by Bearracuda Pacific Northwest
Bearracuda Portland

April 4, 2020, 9pm-2am. SPRING is almost here - shake it on the dance floor with 600+ guys all night! Lasers, music and men! Feel free to be YOU. Clothes check available downstairs. DJ JOHN CROSS. Visuals: Aaron Altemose. Freshly imported + local Beefy go-go's!Laser show by Laseronics! FB
Hosted by Strapped In: a queer party for the rest of us and Sugarpill
Strapped In: April

April 4, 2020, 10pm-2am. Creating a welcoming queer nightlife culture - a love letter, written by/ for all who show up. Dancing all night, queer af midnight drag show! Dress: whatever makes you happy, sexy, and free: thigh highs + jockstrap; harness + lace;  t-shirt + jeans. You decide! Host Sugarpill. Performers Nightmare Ada, Jaxin Ryan, Mona Chrome. Gogos Viper, Joni, Jo, Carly.
Best Festival in the World - June 9th Grand Floral Parade
Portland Rose Festival + City Fair

May 22 - June 7, 2020, annual City of Portland festival month, part of Portland's culture for 110+ years. Rose Festival’s waterfront activities kick off Memorial Day weekend for 3 consecutive weekends at Gov Tom McCall Waterfront Park: Starlight + Grand Floral Parade, fireworks, CityFair, art shows, Fleet Week, Dragon Boat Race, parties. See website for program + details:
The 16th Annual

Mid-June, 2020 on Harvey Milk Street (formerly Stark Street). Past year: EAST STAGE at SCANDALS; WEST STAGE at ZEUS CAFE. FRI from 5pm. SAT from 2pm. SUN from noon. A weekend-long street party of live music, live performances by local Drag Super Stars, dancing along with our favorite DJs and, of course, drinking! A 21+ event / Valid ID required.
Pride Day - 2rd Anniversary Celebration
Pride Northwest / Portland Pride 2020

June 13-14, 2020, annual events with Sunday parade 11am-6pm on from West Bernside at NW Park, down NW Broadway and NW Davis to the Festival at Tom McCall Waterfront Park between the Burnside and Morrison Bridges. Waterfront Festival Saturday 12-8pm + Sunday 11:30am to 6pm. Saturday night dance party. For full program and entertainment line-up, see their website:
Voted 'Best LGBTQ Bar' four years running
Eastside PRIDE Block Party

Mid-June, 2020 (TBC). This past year, Crush celebrated PRIDE with a two day, three night event in the inner SE Buckman neighborhood! A SAT + SUN block party celebration, closing SE 14th Ave between SE Morrison and SE Belmont (not quite all of it...) to traffic for a sponsored celebration party. See updates for 2020 events, closer to the date, at:
Four Weeks. Four Shows. No Boundaries
CoHo Summerfest 2020

June - July, 2020. Cutting-edge multidisciplinary theatre artists, whimsy, witches, a suitcase of dreams, really cheap PBR, several rubber chickens, first generation teen angst, and live music to keep you off the couch away from that next Netflix binge - at least through July.
Multi-day, multi-venue queer-performer focused comedy festival
Portland Queer Comedy Festival

Mid-July, 2020 at: Funhouse Lounge; Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd; Ford Food + Drink, 2505 SE 11th; and Crush1400 SE Morrison. Four days of the best shows on five stages, with over 40 comics - the best and brightest international LGBTQ stand-up comedy talent from this region, and well beyond.
The 24th Annual
Portland Queer Film Festival

Mid-September, 2020 (TBC), at Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st. Ave. Annual week-long LGBT film fest, Features, documentaries & short films from all over the world - made by, about, or of interest to the lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities. See website for full schedule and information. FB
The 5th Annual

Early October, 2020 (TBC), the 5th annual weekend events and entertainment for men with beards, bears, cubs, otters, chubs, chasers and friends from around the globe. Previous events included: Bear Graffiti, LUMBERTWINK, PLAY PARTY, Daddy Bone/Beard Contest, Bear Hike, BEARRACUDA, Underwear Party. See
PDXFF20 - Hosted by Portland Film Festival and Portland Film & Movie Club
Portland Film Festival

October 12-18, 2020. Week-long event includes networking, workshops, guest speakers, financing talks , jam-packed film premieres, director Q+As and more. A rich program of films in the Fiction, Non-Fiction, World Cinema, Transmedia, VR, Short and Student Filmmaking categories, as well as a program dedicated to the work of filmmakers from Oregon. Films + venues TBA at: